Struggling to lose the fat

So since April I've gone from 10st 4lb (size 14 jeans) to 8st 2lb (size 8 jeans) which now puts my BMI at 21 and my body fat % at 29.6 so the high end of normal.

However I still look and feel fat and could really do with shifting another stone putting me at a BMI of around 19 so still healthy

For months I've been eating around 1300 calories a day, exercising at least 3 times a week plus working a part time job 3 nights a week where I do tons of walking with heavy plates and trays of drinks.

My exercise is usually HIIT on the treadmill for 20 minutes, I've increased my sprinting speed plus sometimes the stair climber, the rower or cross trainer. I strength train after on the resistance machines and up my weights all the time to make sure that the 10th rep is a struggle (I do 2 or 3 sets) Along with that I do free weights so things like back squats with weights, lunges with weights etc plus crunches and planks. I go swimming for an hour on one of my exercise days. I try not to eat back any of my calories burnt because if I do weight loss will be slower.

Food wise I eat plenty of protein aiming for 1g per 1lb of body weight and have swapped white carbs for brown or replace with butternut squash instead in the case of pasta. I drink mostly almond milk in my protein shakes and only a bit of semi skimmed in tea or coffee no more than twice a day but its usually once and have sweetener not sugar. I aim to have some form of fruit or vegetable at every meal and snack on carrot or cucumber sticks a lot with no dip.

I have a bottle of wine once a week which I log and the majority of time although I might be over my calories for the day I'm still under maintenance.

I had a terrible week last week where I went out for meals on 2 days so ended up eating around 3000 calories which is nearly double my maintenance of 1800.

I wanted to weight 8st by the beginning of October and end the year weighing something in between 7st and 7st 7lb.

What can I do to lose 10lb, a load of body fat and replace fat with muscle to look leaner?

I have 2 kids so my options are limited, I use the 3 days of nursery to go to the gym but I have 2 days where I can't really do a lot because that's my time to take them to places like soft play and with a baby I can't clamber in after the oldest to get active that way. We do little things like go for walks but they aren't that far or fast.

I'm just thoroughly fed up at the minute, I feel hungry and like I'll never be able to have a takeaway ever again. I've not even looked at a pizza or curry since June. I would really like to get to the stage where I can have one every now and again and it won't ruin all my hard work.