20 Minutes to Feel Full

It takes the Brain 20 minutes to know the tunny is full. Somedays.... Its a Long 20 Minutes....lol.

I have been doing something different for me, some of you may already do this. I am eating in the following order,

Eating my Veggies 1st, they taste better Hot and when I am Hungry. Than, moving on to my Protein, I Love Meat, so I so enjoy it. After the Protein, I consume 8 to 10 Oz of water. Rest a minute, then I eat my Carbs. Slowly, I chew and enjoy whatever it is. I have noticed... about 1/2 through, I do begin to feel full.

Feeling full is a new sensation for me, as an Emotional Eater most of my life, there was no such thing as full.... Full is a whole bag of Oreos and 1/2 a gallon of milk. Full has been a whole pound of pasta and meat sauce, consumed in the dark, where I would and can hide my shame. Not eating the Donuts at work only to hit the Drive-Thru for a Dozen to go, consume all of them in one night..... The horrible things I have done to my body, over the past 2 decades, all the endless Cheat Days and one more wont hurt me days and "Yes" To Dessert when eating out, have finally caught up with me.

If you are reading this and are a "Young" person, Please... Take Heed in what I say. Emotional Eating will Kill You. Address it now, get the help you need. Start to Peel Back the Layers of "Why". I personally have found it is Not just One Reason, or one thing that happened to me. It was Years of never speaking my mind, not talking about my feelings, not acknowledging MY Own Needs. Finding my Voice and THEN Using it. And its still and always will be a Work In Progress. But Everyday, I grow a little, love myself more and remember to be Kind to Myself, as I am Healing.

As are Many of you... And look at that, the 20 minutes have past and I am Full.

Full of Love, Full of Self-worth, Full enough to Move Forward in this Life and make a Difference for myself....

Thank You for reading.