Net carbs or total carbs

Hello, does MyFitnessPal track net carbs or total carbs?


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    Hello, does MyFitnessPal track net carbs or total carbs?

    Total...but their are some items in the database that are net because that's how the packaging presents itself. Most entries are user entered and most entries come from US users and the US doesn't breakout net vs total so you're getting whatever is on the label used to make the entry to the database.
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    There are some entries that will specifically state net carbs in the title, otherwise, I would assume total carbs. Although the database is full of inaccuracies, so you might want to double check labels along the way.
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    Depends on which country the particular food database entry you are using comes from.
    Some countries label foods with net carbs and some with total carbs.

    In the UK and EU the fibre is a separate item on food labels.
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    MFP does total carbs, however you can change your macro columns through the website (I don't have premium so this is a free feature). Currently I have total carbs right next to fiber so I can just mentally subtract the fiber out to know my net carbs for the meal/day.