10 month progress

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Hi all,

Just wanted to share with you all my fitness journey.

I have been struggling with obesity for the last 10 years but figured id do something about it AGAIN when i started having knee pains, always being out of breath doing the smallest tasks and always breaking out a sweat in a matter of seconds!


My heaviest was at 136kgs and i started to do something about it in November 2017. After several months of seeing results my biggest shock wasnt the numbers dropping on the scale but the fact i didnt relapse like i always do with my past attempts. I started to get more serious by counting macros in February 2018 and took my first progression photo in March.


Now 10 months later i have lost 45kgs+! I feel why i have stuck with this for so long compared to my last attempts at weight loss was balance. I have always gone too extreme by restricting my calories too low or i have rewarded myself too often was my biggest problem. Now i ease in and find that balance and thats what helped me get this far. By the way, i have KFC every now and again to keep my sanity haha but taking into account im not way over my calories!

The hard part for me wasnt the diet, meal plans or workout plans it was staying motivated. My advice for anyone starting or have just started is keep reminding yourself why do you want to achieve these goals, ease in and dont do any extreme diets or workouts that may burn yourself out and cause you to rebound, have a proper plan to cater to your realistic goals and stick to it! I guarantee you, you will achieve your goals! Dont rush it!

My goal is to hit 75kgs but it doesnt stop there!