Looking for Keto Friends-Accountability

Hi all!!! :)
I am 3 months into Keto and need some accountability and ideas. My progression is slow even with working out and not "treating" myself. Guidance would be amazing as well as getting to know new people! :)


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    Weightloss is slow, but it happens according to the calorie deficit you can and do sustain. So what's your height, weight and logged average daily calorie intake?
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    Pink salt, salt substitute and magnesium.
    These are your friends, drink them in warm water daily. Thats my only advice.
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    I'm down 35lbs since May on keto👍 and ive done a weird amount of research and am constantly learning more about the WOE. let me know if you have questions!(:
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    Pink salt is my absolute friend. Without it I get headaches. 🤕
    Thank you all for supporting a girl!!! I love this community and Keto!!! 💕
    Slow and steady wins the race! 😊
    Calories range between 1100 to 1700. I am 5'6 at 215.6
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    I just started today!
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    Me too feel free to add me :)
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    I'm a keto gal!! Feel free to add! I'm on daily. I've lost about 30+ lbs since April..took two months off just cuz.
  • shelleyspice
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    Same here - just started in August. No amazing transformation- seems to be a slow go. Would love any tips and support
  • shelleyspice
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    Omg having a stressful day and just want to eat eat eat
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    Hey I ave been keto 4+ years
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    I am back to the LCHF/Keto WOL, after falling off earlier this year. This is the only plan for me and I just need to make it a lifestyle change and live no other way. I'm constantly on Pinterest looking for anything and everything I can make/ideas on what to eat so I can have variety from day-to-day. That has been my issue in the past, I get bored eating the same things over and over again. I haven't heard of the "pink salt" for the plan, so I'll have to look that one up if it helps w/headaches (thanks for mentioning it). I also need the accountability and support, as I think that is so important too. If anyone wants to go on this Keto journey together, please add me and we can help each other along. :)
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    Hi so last summer (2017) I did really really strict 1000 calorie keto-esque. I say ketoesque because I stayed at about 40-50 grams of carbs and maintained ketosis. I lost 26 lbs in 8 weeks. For me this was not sustainable. The calorie deficit was too much. I gained 10 of it back because I felt deprived and the holidays came etc. - So This summer I re-started. Logging everyday, I'm at about 1500-1600 calories and trying to be more lo carb than strict keto. So still 40-50 net grams per day. It's going much slower but I am losing and I am finding I can live this way. I shall see how I am in 6 months but losing 1 lb a week, sometimes 2 is probably a better way to do it for me over the long haul. I too tended to eat the same things but I've found more keto recipes online and realized that without a commitment to cooking and preparing food more that I would get bored and make the same stuff. Ive especially been thankful for products like lo carb tortillas (for wraps and sandwich type things).
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    Hi everyone. I’m on my second week of the diet. Did it a few months ago and did great. I joined the ideal protein clinic near me and it was fantastic. I lost approximately 15 lbs and was back to where I was before my first pregnancy. The holidays hit and I regained it all without phasing out. I’m looking for a buddy or group for those moments when I’m desperately craving. I find those the weakest most difficult times to get through alone.

    I think for me, my biggest issue is being too preoccupied w work and my little ones. I’m now a single mom of two (one is in grade school and the other in preschool). I can tell I allowed my depression to show through by over eating. I put on a happy face because I have no choice. I am on the go all the time. Inside, I know I’m tired and still struggling. Im small in stature (5’1)and have always been around 115 lbs even after my first child. I worked out and was very active. After I had my second and then ended up w a broken marriage, I began eating and feeling better because of it. Sour patch anything is my weakness!! So I started the diet last week at 139lbs. It might not sound like a lot but Keep in mind that I’m tiny and a few pounds makes a huge difference for me especially approximately 20 lbs. I feel tired, can’t fit into any of my clothing so I’m now reduced to sweat pants on most days And I just don’t feel like myself. I’ve lost two pounds in a week and hope to keep going.

    Biggest issue- night time Eating and fitting in enough food (especially veggies).

    Anyone on the ideal protein diet and have some great recipes?
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    Welcome new members!!!!!
    Today I fit back into some jeans I haven’t worn in ages!!! Small victory (yes they are tight and I have a muffin top in them lol) but still I’m taking this as a win
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    Been on keto for a while now, lost around 10kgs. Feel free to add
  • I lost about 40lbs back my sr year of high school. Eating clean and exercising. Over the past few years I gained the weight back and a lil more. A friend of mine started doing keto and said she did well with it so I decided to give it a try. I've been doing keto for about three weeks now. I have a small cheat once a week on the weekend. Usually something chocolate:/ ive lost about 16lbs now. Which is very exciting I've dropped a pant size going from 18 to a 17 and almost ready for 16s. I'm afraid its going to start slowing down soon and I'm going to start to get discouraged again. My hardest thing is trying to find time to exercise after working a 10 hour shift and then trying to find time for family and friends. Trying to make time for me to exercise and do what I need to do is always something I struggle with and put on the back burner.always putting other peoples priorities first. but that being said ik I need to lose the weight I've gained and stop living in my little bubble. Just losing the weight I have has made me feel a lot better about myself and teaching me that I need to be a little more selfish and take more time for me. Anyone with quick and easy keto recipes out there or people who can give some pointers on exercises or words of encouragement?
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    I would love to be part of this group! Did keto for a little bit and really liked how I felt and the results. Life happened, so I wasn't as consistent, but I'm ready to get moving again. Definitely appreciate the need for accountability and sharing ideas and information!
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    Hey Hi!! Started Keto today Sunday oct/7/18..Still doing lots of research on this topic. I’m over weight 260lbs. So I’m sitting down in my room scheduling my workouts for the month. I’m planning to measure today and write down weight and measurements in a special “weight loss journey book”. I’m committed to do workouts twice a day morning and evening. I have an ambitious goal but keeping one day at a time. Count me in “We can do this”
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    I find listening to pod casts that are pro keto as well as intermittent fasting really help me stay on track!!!
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    I’m 21 and I have been on Keto for a little over 3 months now. Coming from someone who over portioned food her whole life and loves sweets im 41lbs down so far and keto has been one of the only diets I actually enjoy sticking to and following. It helps a lot because it makes it clear pretty much what you can and can’t eat, which helps prevent me from digging into the wrong food and leading to any binges. Its great for jumpstarting weight loss and leaning out your body. My advice is to do research on what foods you can and cannot have along with some recipes before jumping in to avoid any confusion or frustration, because the first week or two of the diet may result in “keto flu”, causing fatigue and irriatability. Once you get through it your body will be transitioned into ketosis and you’ll start feeling great. If youre like me you’ll get to the point where theres no desire to cheat or binge. A simple google search of “keto foods” will bring up charts that pretty much show you whats ideal for every category in the food pryamid. There’s plenty of keto options or substitutes for a lot of foods that make it seem like its not even a diet or that its too good to be true haha. I went into the keto diet cold turkey and made the strict changes overnight, along with including intermittent fasting (an eating window of 12pm-7pm, i eat twice a day). I lost 12lbs in my first week or so, then 2-3lbs each week after that. If theres little to no progression, i would look more into your calorie deficit and make sure your burning more than your consuming. Wishing you the best on your journey!