Need new friends, need to lose 100+

Hi! I've been here before and just came back. I need to lose over 100 pounds and all of my friends and encouragement from the first round are no longer active.
Feel free to add me.


  • hugahootie
    hugahootie Posts: 1 Member
    100 lbs to lose here too! Stay strongβ€”you can do it!
  • callitune_losing
    callitune_losing Posts: 3 Member
    140 here.
  • Waheed_H
    Waheed_H Posts: 384 Member
    Good luck πŸ‘
    Feel free to add me
  • swatson99
    swatson99 Posts: 53 Member
    Yep, same boat. I've got 130 to lose though. Feel free to add me.
  • shilowindy
    shilowindy Posts: 26 Member
    Feel free to add me! I’m shooting for about 50#!
  • allison8668
    allison8668 Posts: 885 Member
    Sent you a FR - I've lost 95 pounds so far. I'd like to lose 25 more. It's taken me over 4 humble years. I say humble, because I thought i knew so much back then. Turns out, it was definitely a learning experience. I like to think I have my final answer - to take me thru to maintenance and the rest of my life. But I thought I had it so many other times before, too. LOL.
  • Littlerobystar
    Littlerobystar Posts: 14 Member
    Hi I got 50 to lose. This is a first step. then I would love to lose another 20. (I need to lose 35 kgs total-sorry I am from the Meds so I think in kgs and metres haha).
    vene if it's not 100 lbs, can I join you?:) xx
  • 76Crane76
    76Crane76 Posts: 133 Member
    91 to lose here!! I am looking for friends who are active daily!!
  • Jabeth87
    Jabeth87 Posts: 2 Member
    Over 100 to lose here! Hoping to find accountability partners! πŸ’ͺ🏻πŸ’ͺπŸ»πŸ‘ΈπŸΌπŸ˜
  • ShelzW
    ShelzW Posts: 7 Member
    I'm Shelley from New Zealand, looking to loose 40kg, definitely looking for more people to add me for motivation and support during this journey. Feel free to add me B)
  • Waheed_H
    Waheed_H Posts: 384 Member
    Join me my gool 10K for month
  • her4g63
    her4g63 Posts: 284 Member
    I've lost 134.6 pounds. It's been a hard, slow journey but it's been one of the best life experiences I've had 'cause it's given me the opportunity to really learn myself.
    Definitely take lots of photos along the way - often the scale will let you down but those photos documenting where you began will keep you going (I have regrets about not taking progress shots).
  • ElleJacobo
    ElleJacobo Posts: 1 Member
    I also need to lose 100 pounds. Let's do it!!!
  • flameofSuzaku
    flameofSuzaku Posts: 7 Member
    Hi :) I also have well over 100 pounds to lose! I actually have about 150 I want to lose :s It'll be a long road but we can do it! Let's hold each other accountable!
  • jrbolinski
    jrbolinski Posts: 22 Member
    I need to lose 100 pounds. I gained 80 pounds in the last 5 years do to stress and health issues, but I'm ready to kick butt. My oldest graduates high school this year and I want to be at my best for him and his brother. Question : how many calories is everyone eating a day?? Also what type of exercise?? I joined a gym but didn't go yet. Need to take it slow still with my health issues and injuries. TIA and I can't wait to be a loser ☺
  • amyjsparkles
    amyjsparkles Posts: 6,165 Member
    I've lost 110 pounds and I have about 120 to go. Anyone feel free to add me! I love supporting others and getting it back. Good luck to you all with your journey! <3
  • MyLilBeau
    MyLilBeau Posts: 16 Member
    Hi All , I need to lose 8-12 kg .
    Heres to supporting each other .
    Please add me 😊
  • SandyH2015
    SandyH2015 Posts: 95 Member
    Hi! Ive got 97 lbs to lose as of this week. I started 50 something days ago and am down 24lbs so far. My food diary is open. Anyone is free to add me.
  • CindyJNC1963
    CindyJNC1963 Posts: 895 Member
    I also need to lose 100+ lbs.
  • Hey! I lost 100 a couple years ago but I've gained at least 30 back now... Again. I'd love to make new fitness friends too! I'll send you a FR. 😊