Grab and Go - On the Run Breakfast ideas

Breakfast seems to be my challenge lately. I get up and get a 45 min walk in before work, hit the shower and many times don't have time to eat breakfast which is not good. My former self would run through McDonald's or Wendy's and get 2 hash browns and a Dr. Pepper. New self - that's not an option.

Getting up earlier is not an option either - I already get up between 4:30 and 5 a.m. This bod won't get moving any sooner than that.

So I am looking for Grab n Go, Quick and Easy, healthy options for breakfast that I could have ready the night before or waiting at the office. I usually do Plant based. This morning I grabbed a frozen potato from a grocery on the way in.

Send your tips please.....Ready, set, go.....


  • FireOpalCO
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    I have an electric tea kettle in my office. I bought it a few weeks ago to battle the "I MUST have coffee" drive-thru issues that kill my budget. A typical breakfast for me is now a cup of tea & Belvita Breakfast cookies. I also have packets of oatmeal and fiber one bars in a drawer.

    Jimmy Deans turkey sausage sandwiches are pretty good. I either heat it at home and eat it while getting ready or I can grab it and throw it into my lunch bag and heat it when I get to the office. I can also slice an apple pretty fast and throw it into a container to eat in the car or when I get to work.
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    Can you prep something the night before? What about shakes/smoothies (not exactly grab and go, but only take a few minutes to "assemble"). What about something like a granola bar and cup of yogurt? An apple with peanut butter?

    Sorry - does "plant-based" mean vegan or vegetarian?
  • enterdanger
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    I eat oatmeal at work pretty much everyday. Just add hot water. Another good option is to pre-make an egg sandwich (if you eat eggs). I make them in bulk since I have hubs and 3 hungry boys too. I cook the eggs in a muffin tin, and when they cool, I just smack them on an english muffin with cheese,and then wrap up in plastic wrap and freeze. Before I leave I can pop it in the microwave. You can mix veggies into the egg before cooking. I do spinach, onions, peppers...really whatever is in the fridge that I need to use up.
  • FL_Hiker
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    Protein shake?
  • bigbandjohn
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    My favorite is homemade Breakfast Burritos. On Sunday, I will cook a batch of eggs and whatever other items I want in them (examples: spinach, cheese, peppers and onions, etc.). I divide it into portions and put a single portion in a wrap/flatbread (I use the 90 calorie flatbread from Aldi). Wrap, package, and freeze. In the morning, I grab, microwave, and it's done.

    Similar to enterdanger. Just in wrap form as opposed to on a english muffin.

    ### AMMENDUM: Use the same concept and instead of eggs use potatoes or another item that you like. Take the concept whatever direction works for you.
  • Jennloella
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    I make oatmeal the night before or make a batch of breakfast burritos - I never get tired of them because they're different every time I make a batch. I freeze them - take one out night before or heat up from frozen - either way works
  • ritzvin
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    definitely LOTS of options that are way quicker to grab then taking the time to stop at fast food drive thru. Food bars/cereal/throwing hash browns from the supermarket in the toaster oven while you shower/yogurt/baked potato topped with yogurt (throw in microwave for 5ish minutes while showering, eat at work),...

    When pressed for time, I usually eat a food/protein bar on the way out the door and a yogurt in the office after the gym.
  • Toronto6fan
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    I do egg cups and black bean burritos on the weekend and keep them in the fridge for mornings where we don't have time. Egg cups are just eggs and veg, cheese etc baked in muffin tins.
  • carlaringuette
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    Those all sound great but
    I am allergic to eggs. Will try the eggless options and I like the muffin cup idea maybe I can find a plant based version.
  • cfredz
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    what about those "just crack an egg" cups or oatmeal packet?
  • StephNicole2018
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    I made my own frozen breakfast burritos. You can fill them with anything you like and I find they reheat really well in the microwave.
  • RideLiftRun
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    I second yogurt (my current fave is Alpro Plain with Coconut - vegan friendly :-) with fruit berries and a small amount of seeds and nuts.

    Oatmeal, definitely. Can always add some berries to top that too.

    Wholemeal toast with avocado/hummus/whatever spread type thing you like.

    Hummus with veg crudites

    Pita bread stuffed with salad, plus a vegan cheese/hummus/olives/tzaziki/homemade falafel/roast veggies/salsa/guacamole or whatever you fancy that day

    A wrap stuffed with similar to above

    Salad made with dinner leftovers, such as roast veg, rice, quinoa, beans etc....

    If I'm really desperately busy and need something I can literally grab and eat on the go, then it's usually a protein bar, banana or apple.
  • emmamcgarity
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    Yogurt with a cup of strawberries and a one cup baggie of honey roasted Cheerios. Mid morning snack is a cup of grapes with a mini babybel light cheese. I keep my desk drawer stocked with oatmeal packages and mini kind bars for “snack emergencies”
  • Danp
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    Out of curiosity, why isn't the 2 hash browns an option? It's only 280 calories which doesn't seem like an excessive amount for breakfast
  • jgnatca
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    It took a couple days but I just made up a big batch of refried beans, starting with dried pinto beans. I’ve wrapped it up in a whole wheat taco a couple times this week.
  • carlaringuette
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    Danp wrote: »
    Out of curiosity, why isn't the 2 hash browns an option? It's only 280 calories which doesn't seem like an excessive amount for breakfast

    They have a lit of oil in them which my body doesn't react well with.

    Tastes good but it's not worth the tummy ache 30 minutes later.
  • MelanieCN77
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    Overnight oats in a jar
    Fruit and yoghurt (also in a jar)
    Pre-made eggs/veg/whatev baked in muffin tins, I'm told they microwave quite well (if allergic maybe a substitute)
    Little burritos
    Toast man, can't beat toast, maybe with some PB or hummus
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    By not stopping at a drive through, or popping into a shop, you'll discover you gain about 10 minutes. That's more than enough time to make yourself something in the morning.

    Personally I pack cereal, yogurt and milk into separate tupperwares and then eat it at my desk once I get into work.

    This can, of course, be packed the night before, but as your gaining 10 minutes in the morning, it only takes 5 to pack, and then you've still gained 5 minutes.
  • neugebauer52
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    During my weight loss journey I am (re) learning lots of things for a healthier life style. Some of them are taking at least 10 minutes for a meal and always, always sit down at a decent table to have my meal using knife, spoon and a fork. I am told that chop sticks are the best and slowest way of eating - that will be my next step. I can't imagine that "grab and go" will lead to improved life skills for a healthier life.
  • SabAteNine
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    I eat mine after my morning walk to work, in the office. It's usually a protein bar or a shake. Mother of convenience.

    You could try having some vegan protein, instant oats and almond / coconut / milk of your preference handy in the mornings for a super-fast breakfast.