165 down from 250

xgxdxbx Posts: 17 Member


  • craignev
    craignev Posts: 1,247 Member
    Great work...looking strong!
  • vollkornbloedchen
    vollkornbloedchen Posts: 2,243 Member
    Great piece of work!

    Congratulations for the proven willpower
  • Kim49525
    Kim49525 Posts: 1 Member
    Nice Job! Would you fill us in on what it took you to get there? And some advise for others? Thanks!
  • dyfalbarhad
    dyfalbarhad Posts: 19 Member
    Wow! Job well done.
  • vegasratpack
    vegasratpack Posts: 7 Member
    Wow! You are an inspiration.
  • cricketbird1
    cricketbird1 Posts: 16 Member
    Great job!
  • JCoventry175
    JCoventry175 Posts: 4 Member
    Way to be consistent, your hard work has paid off. I'm sure your health has improved too!
  • xgxdxbx
    xgxdxbx Posts: 17 Member
    Great job!
    Way to be consistent, your hard work has paid off. I'm sure your health has improved too!

    Thank you!
    Yes, health is better, too-
    I feel fantastic!
  • LizyMarie2018
    LizyMarie2018 Posts: 8 Member
    Great work!! Hard work pays off. Thanks for being so inspiring. 😊
  • mulecanter
    mulecanter Posts: 1,792 Member
    How did it go going from 180 to 165? Those last pounds are the hardest, did you make adjustments or just keep increasing workout intensity? Bravo!
  • iRyanS
    iRyanS Posts: 42 Member
    Awesome progress and excellent advice in your posts! Thank you for sharing your journey.
  • kjurassic
    kjurassic Posts: 571 Member
    I’m glad you refuse to give up pizza night! Congrats. You look great (but you looked great in your before pic, too!)
  • johnnylakis
    johnnylakis Posts: 812 Member
    drinks on me!
  • maureenkhilde
    maureenkhilde Posts: 850 Member
    You look great, and thanks for sharing all the great tips. I agree that consistency is huge for changing our lifestyle ways of eating and exercise. Your story is very insightful.
  • Herb937
    Herb937 Posts: 23 Member
    Great job and determination!!
  • shiitaco
    shiitaco Posts: 3 Member
    This is great to see. I'm hoping to follow pretty much exactly in your footsteps...5'8" and started at 250 eight weeks ago, now down to 230. Would be really happy just breaking 200 for the first time in a decade, but 170 is the ultimate goal.

    From past experience, it's easy to get in the right mindset for 1-2 months, harder to sustain. Did you struggle with that in the past, or was this your first serious attempt to lose it? Anything click differently this time around?

    Also you mentioned you drink beer, but did you change your boozing habits at all? That's tough if drinking is a big part of your social life, especially when everyone is knocking back 200 calorie IPAs.

    Anyway congrats man, looking healthy.
  • chawn66
    chawn66 Posts: 8 Member
    Great job!! Keep it up, you look amazing!!
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