Keto is unhealthy

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You'll die when you're like 30 from a heart attack


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    You can start off on your weight loss journey by choosing smaller potion sizes and drinking more water or flavored water low in calories and maybe try 30mins of any type of exercise. ⚾️🏈🏀🏒🥊🚴🏻‍♂️🥋🥋 You can do it as long as you keep your focus on where you want go & not on the past. Good luck!
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    Actually, I can't do keto right now for my lpr problems but it was ok'd even with doc when I can get to the point of keeping more food down. There is a lot of scientific research and findings to back up Keto. I have gerd and it was suggested by a nutritionist to try keto (the right way, of course) if it keeps testing to show a sibo problem as a trigger for the gerd. I would say talk to doc but definitely can be a good option for many. It's not helpful to throw advice around if you are not completely aware of all the facts surrounding it.
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    krishead98 wrote: »
    You'll die when you're like 30 from a heart attack

    ...... Subjective......
    Don't go spewing your bs in this forum. You are probably talking to some of the most knowledgeable people about dietary styles here. Me EXCLUDED... NEXT!
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    This is pretty amusing - esp some of the answers. It did make me go look and see what **MY** very first post on MFP was back in 2012. Trip down memory lane for sure.
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    Gale, LOL. I started keto two years ago at age 60 so I dodged the dying at 30 years part too. :)
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    Thanks, I needed a laugh this afternoon

    (FYI I am not keto but this is funny)
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    I don't quite understand the religious type zeal that people have toward or against a type of eating or diet. Keto is human's ability to utilize fat for fuel. Personally, I think that utilizing carbs is the default mechanism but it's just amazing what a miracle humans are and that they can adapt that readily. It's why we survived this long.

    Don't know why people want to demonize or glorify one rigid eating pattern.

    Me too. I think it’s because nutritional science seems to not have the answers we need YET. And we were told certain things were bad for us & now they are good for us ie avocados lol

    Time will yield better science & I'm sure our ancestors will look back 100 or 500 years from now & marvel at our limited deep understanding, much as we look back & cant believe our ancestors didn’t know about germs!

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    Not sure how you came up with that, but I'm sure it's just your opinion and not based on medical facts but from what you were taught. fat is bad....
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    I will be 60 in February and am Keto. I wasn't Keto at 30, so not sure about that situation. I am an ultra runner and know a LOT of athletes that have great performances due to a Ketogenic diet. I started this journey for that reason, but I have lost some weight and inches. Gotta die sometime........
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    A ketogenic diet can lead to reduced inflammation, improved energy, better metabolism and fat loss.