Long vacation (snowbird) advice



  • missysippy930
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    Another vote for bringing a scale. It’s not going to fly out of an open convertible 😉 Put it on the floor or under a seat.
    Or buy one when you get there if you are that concerned about watching your weight. If your clothes are getting tight, cut back. Options are available, up to you.
    I’ve never gotten the winter migration to the south. I retired 12/31/17 and after almost a year I still like where I am and the changing seasons, especially when I no longer have to drive every day.
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    I find it funny you like the corn here... corn doesn’t really grow well in most parts of FL. It’s always short and covered in bugs. We tried growing it one year and even after applying heavy pesticides the caterpillars won. We usually go up north to get corn. Where are you going for your corn?
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    I'm 69--the red tide is the algae that is on the Gulf coast (and now other places) right now. We go to Anna Maria island and love it for a couple of months but right about March it is getting too hot. We get a chance to see the fall leaves, usually a bit of snow and the spring flowers, but to be able to be outside in the sun in the middle of winter is wonderful (and yes I do swim in the Gulf--just me and the crazy Canadians). I agree that the corn is not as good as we get here during our season--but to get fresh corn and tomatoes that taste like tomatoes and strawberries in the middle of winter is wonderful.
    Just to put things into perspective--we each pack a 24 inch suitcase, take our favorite beach chairs and the Sportbrella, that literally fills the trunk to the brim.
    When I retired ten years ago (got a buyout) we cruised alot--one time we pre-cruised on Anna Maria and decided for the price of a cruise we could stay longer in Florida, it started with one week, then two, then a month, then two months.
    I dropped a bit more starting maintenance so it looks like I'll have a cushion, I thank you for all the advice--I do think I was worrying for no reason--am packing some non-stretchy stuff and will that be my guide. I never worried about weighing in the past--would just be pleasantly surprised when I got home with a loss (and then would cocoon in the house glaring at the ice and snow and put on the weight I lost). I'm just being silly.