What diet plan?

Ok so I am back on line, and all these thoughts running wild in my mind.
What diet plan, what to eat what not to eat... sure you know what I mean...
I have tried so many different diets, some I lost weight with others did nothing to me.
So I went to my GP did all those weird and wonderful blood work test. I am healthy, uhm I wonder.
I really don't like salads, but have been making plenty lately. With grilled chicken or fish.
I am not much of a meat eater, don't like coffee. Love and I mean love water. According to GP I don't retain water. I drink up to 3 liters a day.
For the past two weeks I did much my own thing, ate differently and less.
I have lost 2kg in two weeks.
But now I feel stuck what if ....
What if I am doing this wrong, what if I am messing up my insides.
I will simply keep trying and keep my journal.
If anyone has any ideas on what to try, I am game as long as it is not a starvation diet.
Thanks for reading and any input.



  • workinonit1956
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    For weight loss I don’t follow any specific diet, I just eat foods I enjoy in quantities that fit into my calorie goals. It’s really simple (not always easy)- but if you take in less calories than you burn, and do it day by day over time you will lose weight:)
  • xmarye
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    Weight loss is strictly CICO, but sometimes a diet can help you break off bad eating habits by introducing new meal ideas and providing some new found structure into your diet.

    I personally always lean towards low carb, and keto at times. I just don't do well with lots of carbs and tend to feel more satieted with higher fats. It's really personal though.

    You could also eat like you usually do, but in sensible portions as to not exceed your calorie goal, though that doesn't work for me because what I usually eat is a bunch of junk that doesn't provide any nourrishment and so that's where the major diet overhaul usually comes in.

    Also, don't make your salads boring! Add all the good stuff in. My salads are anywhere from 300-700 calories. Add in creamy dressings, bacon, croutons, whatever pleases your tastebuds. Salad by itself sucks! XD

    You will probably find that eating at 1200cals you need to include more veggies, otherwise you don't get a big volume of food. The key is finding the ones you like and incorportating them to your meals in a way you enjoy.

    I hope these tips help you, good luck on your weight loss journey!

  • martaindale
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    It's all about balance. I also don't follow a "diet plan" but I do meal prep. I have a calorie target for 6 days a week and I set a menu to meet that target that includes breakfast, lunch, dinner, snack, and a dessert. On the 7th day, I don't have anything set and it functions as a sort of cheat day. I don't go nuts, but it allows me to have something I have really been craving without having to stress too much about fitting into a calorie count. My calorie goal is set to account for this cheat day and keep me at a deficit for the week. My loss has been slow and steady but totally maintainable.
    I have figured out that spur of the moment decisions don't work for me. If my food is prepped and ready in the fridge, I will eat if every time without question. But if I have to decide what to make for dinner in the moment, my mood or whether I just ran or the crappy weather will all make me lean on comfort foods. So, I just had to eliminate that.
    That said, you have to figure out what works for you. And it has to be something you can do forever. Diets don't work because eventually you stop them. So, make some changes to improve your health that will aid in your weight loss and stick with it!!
  • SharonSA63
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    Thank You martaindale, really appreciate this.
    I know what my day will look like tomorrow.... planning.
  • musicfan68
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    It's actually quite easy. Eat the foods you like, but in portions that will fit into your calories. There are no magic diets or eating plans that work. Everyone is different.
  • Danp
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    What diet plan?
    - I recommend the single most effective diet plan ever. It's called 'eat food you like in a calorie deficit'.

    I don't like salads
    - I don't like salads either (you don't win friends with salad!) so I don't (almost never) eat "salad" unless it's on a sandwich, or a burger or in a kebab. Back to the plan, eat foods you like in a calorie deficit

    What if I'm messing up my insides?
    - Unless you have a specific medical condition, which I'm guessing you don't since your doctor gave you a clean bill, then you'll be just fine eating food you like in a calorie deficit. Food, even so called 'junk' food isn't going to mess up your insides.

  • hroderick
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    I've been very happy with platejoy.com. They have a 2 week free trial and I'm hooked. You complete a detailed profile and they provide a variety of great recipe suggestions that match your profile for you to choose from, then they give you a shopping list or you can pass the list to instacart for delivery. the only wrinkle is the recipes don't automatically transfer to MFP for logging so I have to copy/paste them as a manual recipe and correct ingredients until calories are close.

    Having recipes for the week and food purchased to prepare them really helps my commitment. The recipes are so tasty that I prefer them over dining out.

    "When you fail to plan, you plan to fail" is so true in my case.
  • SharonSA63
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    Thank you for that Shadow, I feel so amazing today.
    I walked over 5000 steps, big deal for me. In the beginning of the year I was lucky if I did 500. I spent 3 hours in the pool with grand kids,and had fun for the first time in a long time.
    I feel exhausted but so content.
  • cab7be
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    For what it's worth, I understand that sometimes, you just need the structure of a diet plan to get you back on track. And I've tried A BUNCH of diets, with varying levels of success. What seems to be working for me and for my husband at this stage of life (I'm 55, he's 64), is the Gut Balance Revolution by Gerard E. Mullin, MD. He's a gastroenterologist at Johns Hopkins. There is a lot of science in his book, plus meal plans and recipes. We've been using this for almost 2 months now. It's satisfying, well-balanced, and effective. I've lost 16.5 lbs since Sept 22. My husband is down 18 or so at last count. It's worth a look. I log my intake into MFP every day, although that's unnecessary with this approach. I just like to see how things tally.

    It is a change of lifestyle, as others have mentioned, not a diet. But it is practical and not difficult to manage.
  • CarvedTones
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    Early in the weight loss phase, I personally (obviously I am different from others so YMMV) found that trying to eat some of the low calorie but filling foods and restricting myself for a short while helped me get started. I lost enough to feel like I was on the journey before adjusting back to eating somewhat more normally but with more portion control and less high calorie snacks. This was purely mental - a head game or attitude adjustment I was making. It did not change my metabolism and it did not affect my appetite. It just helped me get my head in the game and commit to making the change. Shaking things up for a little while seemed to help me in that regard only because I failed at just making the minor adjustments to kick it off in the past. Anyway, that's the only reason I would consider a restrictive plan for a short while.
  • AnnPT77
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    I used this plan to lose 50+ pounds in about a year (at age 59-60, while hypothyroid), and maintain a healthy weight for about 3 years since:


    (Third parties, please don't woo this until after you read the plan, then you can woo all you want if you think it's silly or unscientific. ;) ).

    Calories for weight management + balanced, well-rounded eating for nutrition + gradually more challenging but fun/energizing exercise for fitness = best odds of long term good health and appearance.

    Simple, but not always easy! ;)

    Best wishes!
  • AudreyJDuke
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    Weight Watchers for me!