What is your Treat to you when you reach your goal weight?



  • OddDitty
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    It looks like everyone has some kind of hopeful treat (and notice it's not all about food, either!) I hope everyone reaches their goal!
  • OddDitty
    OddDitty Posts: 248 Member
    My total weight loss goal is 205 lb, I am currently 22 pounds down so my

    Reward: will be a helicopter ride I've always wanted to ride in a helicopter but some have weight limits.

    Food: would be the best lemon meringue pie.

    Gal! You're amazing! I hope you get that ride!!!
  • My reward is being able to focus on a recomp, and starting my first bulk/cut cycle at the end of this summer.

    I'm so excited, I've only ever been in the process of losing weight. It's like a whole new adventure. 🤩