Post a music video that fits what you are feeling right now.

Bulletzen72 Posts: 90 Member
I don't know if a similar thread has been posted before, but if so here's another one! :D
So what are you feeling right now? Loved? Alone? Angry? Exhilarated? Frustrated? Nostalgic? etc. You get the idea.
Is there a song that encapsulates those feelings for you? Does it have a video? If so stick it up here. You don't have to share the reasons as to why you feel this or the history behind the song if you don't want too, but perhaps we can introduce some great songs or pieces of music that we haven't heard before to each other! :o

Starting a new thread makes me feel like I should post something upbeat and positive but unfortunately I feel a little maudlin right now. Sorry! :p