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Show me your Thanksgiving plates!

PartyKardyPartyKardy Member Posts: 173 Member Member Posts: 173 Member
I am a vegan so my entire meal was made from scratch and vegan by me! I want to see everyone’s meals!



  • pdxwinepdxwine Member Posts: 389 Member Member Posts: 389 Member
    It was Game Hen for my table.

    Appetizers were Prawns with Cocktail Sauce; Flat Iron Steak with Goats Cheese and Habenero Jelly; Manhattans

    Amuse: Grilled Deviled Egg

    Soup: Crab Bisque

    Salad: Red and Green Leaf Lettuce with Radicchio and Chanterelle Mushrooms

    Entree: Half a Game Hen on Bread Stuffing; Green Beans with Mushrooms, Pancetta and Pine Nuts; Baked Yam; Marsee Bakery Roll

    Wines: Treveri Blanc de Blanc; David Hill Gerwurtztraminer

    Dessert: Pumpkin Creme Brûlée made with fresh pumpkin

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  • hesn92hesn92 Member Posts: 5,882 Member Member Posts: 5,882 Member
    Dessert not pictured. Pumpkin pie, apple pie and strawberry jello pretzel salad

  • saralee555saralee555 Member Posts: 31 Member Member Posts: 31 Member
    Traditional turkey dinner for us. Pecan pie for dessert
  • gallicinvasiongallicinvasion Member, Premium Posts: 1,012 Member Member, Premium Posts: 1,012 Member

    Creamed onions, tofurkey, green bean casserole, stuffing, garlic mashed potatoes, and maple roasted sweet potatoes! Dessert was apple pie and pumpkin cheesecake pie.
  • marycilecmarycilec Member Posts: 30 Member Member Posts: 30 Member
    I do not have a picture, but we ate deli turkey sandwiches with a little mayo and slice of american cheese on cracked wheat bread, mashed potatoes, turkey stuffing, black olives, pickles and pumpkin cake.
  • RachellaJRachellaJ Member Posts: 58 Member Member Posts: 58 Member
    Here’s our little buffet:
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