Back at it - Looking for motivational friends

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Hi all! I'm 33 and have been on and off with MFP for quite some time. I've fallen off the wagon pretty hard this past year and have gained about 45 lbs; time to get back on and I know having motivation from my friends on here is very helpful!! :)

I developed a bloodclot back in June, so have been pretty stuck not being able to work out. I finally got the ok to get back to it - so today is the day!!


  • sarakenna12
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    I'm back at it too. I'll be your friend! :smile:
  • Hi I need friends to keep me focused !
  • orngnerdz
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    I'm always looking for friends to help keep me accountable!
  • trvshm6765
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    Back at it as well....congrats on getting cleared. Good luck!
  • zirlancelot
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    Frieda are great. How do you see what they are though ?
  • Dancing_jacks
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    Add me. I often have quote of the day and sometimes post stretches, yoga moves, exercises we can all try to squeeze in. My goal is to lose 20-30 lbs.
  • Laurajayne2603
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    Hey I'm looking for some friends too! 😊
  • WildAngelJoy
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    Add me if you'd like, I lost 31 lbs. then kind of took a year off to deal with my husband's passing, selling a house and moving. I was just logging again (well, actually, I posted weekly hellos to my friends and tried to be supportive when online) when I got hit with the diagnosis of a blockage in one of my coronary arteries. So I am on meds and slowly getting back to exercise and logging. We can never have too many friends! BTW during that year I stayed the same weight so learning healthy eating and exercise really pays off :)
  • CoffeenSquats
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    Welcome back!
  • lenaD79
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    I can totally relate to just about all your story with the exception of the blood clot. Glad to hear your doing well and have the ok from the doc! It must feel great to get back in the swing of things. I myself definitely need positive reinforcement as I tend to be my harshest critic!
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    hi how are u i am john feel free to add me every one
  • Jebe75
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    Hello!! Feel free to add me too! I am back again and trying to lose 12 lbs until March
  • RhiAnLewis17
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    Fantastic that you've got the all clear!
    Don't feel too guilty about facing off the wagon - life is a roller-coaster as they say and we're all in this together :)
    I'd love to hear about your progress and how you're getting back into exercise.