Five years ago, I changed my life

Five years ago, fresh off my divorce, I trundled down to Chicago to hang out with fellow Doctor Who geeks at ChicagoTARDIS. I had my first fancy cosplay and a ticket to meet three Doctors. I ran around all weekend, meeting new friends, hearing actors talk about my favorite tv show, running around in costumes and getting my picture taken.

But ugh, those pictures. So many happy memories and those pictures just wiped the smile right off my face. I was fat. Logically, I knew that. But I had spent my 20s avoiding that fact, burying my head in the sand and gaining gaining, diet, gain, gaining and more gaining.


The pictures made me so unhappy BUT they were also the final straw. I don’t know why this was what tipped me over the edge and finally motivated me to lose weight. But this was it. After trying so hard and failing for my entire adult life, it all finally clicked and I did it. I moved more. I ate less. I started biking to work. I went to the gym. I weighed my food, logged it all. I worked hard over the next year and hit my goal a year later in time for ChicagoTARDIS 2014.


I just got back from ChicagoTARDIS2018 and once again the pictures make me smile. I’m not at my lowest weight. In fact, after hitting my goal weight, I’ve yo-yo-ed a bit over the years. Gain a little, lose a little, weeeee! As with this same time last year, I’m honestly 20 pounds heavier than I’d like to be (but hey, that means my weight fluctuations canceled themselves out this last year, score!). But I don’t beat myself up it. Ok no, I still winge and whine about being fat, but I know that I’m so much healthier than I was and that I’ve reshaped my life so that I can live to the fullest. In addition to dressing up in costume and running around like a fool, I’ve made portion control, healthy-ish eating (I haven’t given anything up, I just make sure to not eat too much) and physical fitness part of my everyday life. I’ve done numerous sprint and olympic triathlons in the last 3 years, a half ironman length aquabike (swim 1.2 miles/bike 56), ran a loony challenge (1 weekend – 10k/5k/10 mile) and half marathon in the last two months, and have signed up for my first half ironman (swim 1.2/bike 56/run 13.1) next summer.


It is doable. Look for that thing that will push you off the cliff. Take that leap of faith and trust yourself that you can do this. You can lose weight. And you can keep it off. Its not easy. It takes a lifestyle change. There is no happily ever after – you keep working at it day in and day out. But you will be better for it. I know I am.


  • tcaley4
    tcaley4 Posts: 416 Member
    What a great story. Way to go Squeaky. Pictures look great. Such a big difference!!!
  • Fflpnari
    Fflpnari Posts: 973 Member
    Amazing story, thank you for sharing! You have done fantastic work!
  • cheryldumais
    cheryldumais Posts: 1,932 Member
    Congratulations! Wish I could see the after pictures but your story is great.
  • wannabesmaller2017
    wannabesmaller2017 Posts: 433 Member
    Very inspiring! Thank you for sharing and great job!! You look awesome!😊
  • crakmasta
    crakmasta Posts: 16 Member
    Wow. Way to go. Inspiring.
  • bobsburgersfan
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    Awesome! Who is your favorite doctor?
  • UmmSqueaky
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    Awesome! Who is your favorite doctor?

    My first doctor was Nine and always holds that special "you never forget your first doctor" place in my heart, but my favorite doctor is Eight - his character ark in the Big Finish audio dramas are amaaaaazing.

    And Colin Baker is my favorite actor to play the doctor - he is a true delight to talk with, always super pleasant and a great convention guest.