Plantar Fasciitis Tips

Does anyone have any additional plantar fasciitis tips?

I’ve tried icing my arch, resting my feet, orthopedic shoes & stretching

The pain is getting worse and it’s hindering me in my life and from getting my walks in daily to reach my health goal. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you


  • bunnyaa
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    Could you possibly do other exercises that wouldn't cause a flair up while your feet recover. Maybe bicycling or swimming?
  • Freeze a golf ball and roll your foot on - the best kind if pain

    Also, check out the insole brand "your sole". You heat them in an oven and they mold to your foot. Not a fix, but it does help
  • wcaldwelld
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    I had a terrible case of this several years ago... just for me working and standing was painful..icing my foot helped along with much like the golf ball idea i used a can of pop and rolled that on the floor with the base of my foot... i also tried taping the foot which was ok it still resulted in the pain.
    i eventually went to the doc and i had injections and that didn't work finally i had to have special inserts made and it took 3 months for pain to go away...

    the one sad thing was the pain still returns on occasion...
  • girlwithcurls2
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    Do a search for this in the forums. It's been discussed over and over. I have had it and I can tell you that if you continue to aggravate it (walking, running, whatever) you are not only making it worse, you're creating a really long recovery time. The best thing for PF is rest. There are lots of other things you can do to help, but staying OFF your affected foot is the best remedy. Continuing to work out while it's inflamed is just asking for trouble.
  • icemom011
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    I used frozen Gatorade bottle to roll, it stretched and iced st the same time. There are braces you can get to wear during the day, it helps support the arch and won't let the fascia shrink. That helps prevent more tears in it and allows it to heal. Wear good, supportive shoes, avoid running, jumping, healing it takes time, so give it time. And stretch gently before getting out of the bed in the morning and even after prolonged sitting or being off your feet for a bit.
  • kinneypj
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    What type of stretching did you try? My doc had me a ball under my foot from front to back, use a belt wrapped around my foot to pull my toes towards me, and rub the bottom of my foot side to side. Each excercise twice in 3 min intervals, 2-3 times daily. I could barely walk in the mornings so he gave me a boot to sleep in, which helped tremendously.
  • Thank you everyone for the tips! I appreciate it ♥️
  • twatson4936
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    Don't walk around barefoot or in shoes that don't support your heal, like flipflops. I bought a pair of Asics Gel Nimbus 18s. They were super soft and supported my arch. I stopped running and tried to stay of my feet as much as possible. It took almost a year before it healed. I went to a doc, but the quack just told me I shouldn't be running anyway because it could cause my arthritis in my feet to get worse. Running is what keeps my feet loose.
  • twatson4936
    twatson4936 Posts: 121 Member
    Massage the area of the pain, There is poor blood flow in this area which hinders healing. Massaging tis area will increase blood flow and help healing.
  • GiddyupTim
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    Get Superfeet insoles. Put a pair in every pair of shoes you have
  • mackfoo
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    I'd be interested in running sneaker recommendations.

    I've stopped running recently to let my foot heal, but am hoping to get back at some point.
    Thanks @twatson4936, I'll check out the Get Nimbus...
  • litoria
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    ++to the suggestions for good inner soles. I started running with compression socks and this was a game changer.
  • Cherimoose
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    I’ve tried icing my arch, resting my feet, orthopedic shoes & stretching
    The pain is getting worse

    Maybe it's not plantar fasciitis. Try seeing a foot doctor.
  • GiddyupTim
    GiddyupTim Posts: 2,819 Member
    I found this stretch to be a God-send.
    I had PF for many years because I run and played soccer and tennis and was unwilling to take a break from any of those activities.
    Once I started that stretch, and put Superfeet insoles in my shoes, I noticed definite improvement in a few weeks. It is now resolved -- no pain at all. I continue to do the stretch and use the insoles as foot-health hygiene. But I can walk barefoot and even run in shoes without the insoles without problem, for a bit, though I wouldn't go long distances or try it all the time.
  • twatson4936
    twatson4936 Posts: 121 Member
    If you go to the doctor make sure they specialize in sports injuries. I went to a foot doc and was told I should not run because it was bad for my arthritis. Its the opposite, running is good for arthritis. Sitting and doing nothing is bad for arthritis.
  • AliNouveau
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    Freezing the water bottle to roll under your foot is good. Make sure your shoes are good. I has to just change mine. When my pf flares up I know it's time for new shoes
  • fittocycle
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    I was probably the one person that rolling a frozen water bottle didn't help. Go figure. What did help me was lots of stretching (tight calves can make it worse) and taping my foot with KT tape. Also, I finally went and bought some good shoes with great arch support. There are several brands out there but I bought Vionic and also some cute Abeo sandals with nice support too. Have to say, the taping really made the biggest difference to me.
    Don't give up. I know it seems like it will never get better, but it will!
  • 76Crane76
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    Physical therapy and cortisone shots helped me. The water bottle not so much. I was told i do not use my toes as much as I should to push off from while walking...
  • Chelle8070
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    I had this in both feet while working ON my feet for 12-16 hours a day. It bothered me during the day but it hurt worse when I stopped/took a break and then would go to move again.

    Ibuprofen, stretches, rolling/massaging, I wore this boot thing to bed that keeps your foot bent a certain way. That boot/brace helped tremendously.

    I wish I knew how I got rid of it. It lingered for about 4 months and then just... disappeared! Good luck!
  • cwolfman13
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    Roll out the bottom of your foot with a frozen water bottle. Stretch you calves. If it's really bad you can get a special boot to wear at night that will stretch your calf while sleeping. My podiatrist also gave me custom inserts for my shoes for arch support.

    Running aggravates it along with my posterior tibial tendinitis so I switched to cycling for my primary exercise years ago.