Plantar fascitis--have you had it?

Any suggestions to relieve pain and ultimately cure it so that I can continue walking?


  • Fuzzipeg
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    Its probably a good idea to visit a doctor or nurse for proper advice though the old bag of frozen peas (covered) may help if you rest your heal on them for a while, then repeat as necessary. There are pads/supports you can wear in your shoes which cushion the impacts to help while the inflammation passes.

    All the best, its miserable when I happens.
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    I had it several times years ago. I learned an exercise that I do 3 times a week---always. It didn't come back. In bed--before you get up, point your toes hard forward as far as you can (count to 10) then point them back as far as you can (count to 10). Do 10 reps. Then take a good look at your shoes. You need comfortable shoes with a good support. I found Skechers work best for me with memory foam. There have been many threads running about this problem with good advice. You can do a search and get lots of information. Good luck.
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    If you want to deal with it, I recommend you don't mess about. Do. these. exercises. every. day. Plantarfasciitis Exercises1.pdf
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    I've been through it twice on both feet at the same time. I was absolute agony. Every single step for months on end. Each time lasted nearly a year, and then resolved. In addition to stretching and icing, I found these to be incredibly helpful (they are socks you wear at night, but take some getting used to for sleeping):

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    Steroid injection was the only cure for me - instant relief!
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    Being very vigilant with icing and stretching helps me immensely. My favorite stretch is where I stand on a step with my toes and let my heel hang down over the edge. I also keep a tennis ball under my desk at work. The biggest change I've had to make is to stop walking around barefoot at home. I always wear my Birkenstocks around the house now so that I'm getting plenty of arch support.
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    I had to stop wearing sandals and especially flip flops and only wear shoes I could put arch support inserts into. After about a month of that it started to heal. For years I haven't really worn sandals or flip flops for more than an hour or two.
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    Stretch the achilles tendon. Every day! Can also stand on a tennnis ball.
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    Figuring out the cause it critical - mine are over tight calves - so I have to really focus on them and stretch

    Also if you can find someone in your area who does myofascial release therapy/masssge - it was a lifesaver for me
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    You can get some relief (temporarily unfortunately) if you freeze a water bottle then roll your foot over it. Hope you feel better soon! Steroids are what made mine actually go away.
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    When I first started exercising, I developed plantar fascitis in my left foot. Yoga really helped me, it knocked it right out. This is the YouTube beginner yoga video I used that got rid of the pain:

    About roughly ten minutes in, there is a move where you place your foot behind you and very gently stretch. This move is what got rid of the plantar fascitis for me. It took a few times of doing this move, but it works. Yoga is great for easing and eliminating many aches and pains.
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    For me it was stretches the ice bottle, I tried the heel pads, they helped. But the best help is I went to a running store even though I am strictly a walker. And they fitted me with shoes for what I do. No more pain.
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    myofascial release works right away. walking barefoot on uneven ground or pebbles and stones and strengthening your arches and feet. stretching. Lots of good advice above about stretching the fascia which is like a glove that covers your whole body. Get a friend and a good movie and have the friend work on the soles of your feet, you can see how on youtube (hard to screw this up, really) , or find a myofascial release person in your area. I had a friend who was a therapist who got rid of this in one day, and it didn't recur.
  • bigblondelady4984
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    My was caused by just changing to a wider shoe . The foot doctor had advised me to wear a 2 or 4 e shoe . So I did and wow did that cause a mess. The only time my feet felt good was when I wore my old home shoes . Took me a year and a half to figure out the new size was the problem. I needed the regular width to support my hi instep
  • julie_jhiro
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    I wore an overnight boot for about 8 weeks that I bought at Walgreens. My PF is completely gone. I had plantar fasciitis for about 7 months before I started wearing the boot.
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    For me, it turned out that I had a very mild spasticity of my soleus (one of the calf muscles) treated with botulinum injection, yes now I can say I've had botox! Worked instantly and never came back
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    I had to wear the boot overnight as well and I still have to wear it occasionally. Using a golf ball to roll out my Arch helps. Finding shoes or insoles that are appropriate for your feet can be critical. I have little to know Arch so most shoes have to much support. That combined with tight calves causes strain for me. Everyone here has had great advice. It seems like a lot of it boils down to stretch, have good for wear, and you may need to see a doctor.
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    check out the yamana foot wakers - i love working my feet on these:
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    i used a calf stretcher..........bought on amazon for about $15 i did and it worked great for me