Random list of weight loss and fitness tips.

There are all kinds of strategies for losing weight and getting fit. What works for you? What small step made a difference? What 'aha' moment helped you turn the corner, or overcome a plateau? Is there a little habit that matters to you? Is there a mind trick you use? What new habit is your key to success? Is there a food you must have in your diet? Is there an exercise you do religiously? Is there a restaurant meal you go for every time? A favorite recipe that works? Let's not argue about the process; everyone's different.

My first tip is: 'To thine own self be true.' You might eat something you shouldn't, skip a workout, or cheat in some way. Don't hide it or excuse it; claim it. Log that mistake, claim that misstep. We can only change what we acknowledge.

I ate a handful of chocolate chips last night, and I don't want that on my journal entry. But I'm putting it down to stay accountable. I got fat by ignoring what I was doing to my body. I don't really regret the chips, but I can't pretend they don't exist. Always be honest with yourself.


  • concordancia
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    I am really getting into celebrating the victories. I give myself a pat on the back for doing my workouts and eating my vegetables. I brag to my husband and my MFP friends when I particularly push myself. I have a dance party with my husband when I pass a five pounds mark.

    I also eat delicious foods that I can really savor. We have lamb and/or salmon almost every week, fresh fruits and vegetables, all kinds of nuts, with many different flavors. A bite of my husband's dessert, or my very own if I have made room for it...
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    I'm with Mikea2g; counting the calories really works. I lost a lot of weight about ten years ago, but it came back and brought friends when I hurt myself. I have barely exercised this go 'round, and I've lost 64 lbs since August. This is my new normal.

    My tip for today is: Brush your teeth and floss right after you finish a meal. It's so easy to nab dessert or leftovers, but if I brush, floss, and rinse, it helps keep me conscious. I don't want to undo that clean feeling. It also makes some drinks taste nasty.
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    88olds--The mental track in your mind is so important! Instead of using hunger or "I'm starving!" as an excuse to overeat, I welcome the feeling. I see it as my body doing what it needs to keep working, digging into fat stores, and using up what I packed away last year. It feels good to have those responses again; I'd buried them under so much junk for way too long.

    Elisa123--I hope to get to a point where I don't have to count every calorie. I'm short, so my requirement is lower than normal to begin with. I also like variety in my diet, so eating the same thing regularly would be hard. There are some go-too foods I'm sure to keep on hand. It's great to know my yogurt has 80 calories, my soy milk has 60, and a small, lean sirloin has 200. It's still counting, but it's not as regimented. Maybe some day I'll be able to recognize the feeling of being hungry and full, and eat accordingly, but I'm not there yet.

    My tip for today is: Drink more water. I know they record it here, but I think you can't stress this enough. Many times we think we're hungry--or "starving"--it's because we're dehydrated. I'm drinking mostly water now, and it feels like I'm giving my body exactly what it needs. I keep a big cup beside my work area, and drink from it all the time. I started with Crystal light and flavored teas, then gave that up too.
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    I'm down another pound today! That makes my goal for December to be under 200.

    Tip for today is: Park further away from where you're going. That will add more steps to your day. Mentally I assign those front spaces to those who can't walk further. That's not me anymore.
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    Everything in moderation and sont set your calorie goal too low.
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    My aha moment was realizing you CAN be hungry. It's only being hungry. It's not starvation, it won't kill you. You can postpone a meal, you don't have to grab the first snack you can get your hands on.
    ETA: of course drinking water helps ;)
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    Baby steps! One small change at a time such as intaking more water.
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    My tip for today is: You don't have to deny your significant other or kids treats. I learned to buy things I didn't like but they did. Those Doritos could sit there until the sun went out, and I wouldn't be tempted. Anything gummy was absolutely safe around me. Sherbet was never going to tempt me. You can also say those treats belong to them, so you'll have to ask them if you can share instead of helping yourself.
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    Today's tip: Find rewards that don't involve food.

    For almost every birthday and holiday, it's common for my family to think of food. Where will that celebration meal happen? What dessert have we earned? Now I've got to think differently. What little reward can take the place of food? Maybe it's a manicure. Maybe it's a new blouse. Maybe it's a movie. Maybe it's a rose bush to plant in my yard. Food is off my gift list.