Hi everyone. I just got off the scale and am horrified. I’m not sure what has happened to me. I think I’ve been just ignoring my weight gain but I’ve had enough. I hope to find inspiration and tips from everyone. The hardest step is the first one! Wish me luck!


  • tinkerbellang83
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    Luck is not required you just need a pinch of honesty, accuracy and consistent effort.
  • Sambo_fitness
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    You can do this! Getting started and being consistent is the hardest part. Luckily, you are not alone! Utilize the community, and feel free to connect/ask for help!
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    Snake Juice
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    If you check the "Getting Started" board, right at the top you will find a pinned thread called "Adopt a Noob". This is the gateway to getting yourself hooked up with a mentor. Follow the directions there about reviewing mentor profiles and contacting one that seems to be a good fit for you.