Looking for fitness friends

Seasons greetings! :):) I’m Lily, formerly in-shape woman, who, post holiday eating binges, in now less :):):) so. Thanksgiving really did a number on my diet and movement. I gained ten pounds in 2 weeks! I used to do some free lace modeling (at 5’1” I’m not fit for runway) but now I can’t even fit into my skinny jeans. I know my goals sound quite superficial but the lapse in health has begun to affect my sleep and energy levels. I started walking up at 3pm and not being able to fall asleep until the early morning. Once I started regulating what I eat and doing a mere 250cal in the gym, I’ve been back to my normal cycles. As trite as this all sounds, MyFitnessPal has really helped with monitoring and accountability. I think twice before grabbing that eggnog, not wanting my daily goals to be affected.