Hello there


  • Escapetoparadise
    Escapetoparadise Posts: 35 Member
    Hello new here too u can add me if u like
  • JohnnytotheB
    JohnnytotheB Posts: 361 Member
    New today.....after several years on inactivity! Add me if you like! Lets do this!
  • owlfitness95
    owlfitness95 Posts: 40 Member
    Hello! I can say I'm new too, never been engaged in this app. I'm determined to stick around and record my journey. Add me 😊
  • Iquit2025
    Iquit2025 Posts: 1 Member
    New to the community portion of the app been using the tracker portion on and off for a couple years. Maybe if I get involved with the community my motivation will increase