Trying to GAIN!! Anyone else?

My names Van, I’m 23, and I only weigh 91 lbs. I’m not unhealthy nor do I have an ED, but I do find it difficult to gain weight. I gained 10 lbs two years ago when I started hormone therapy, and haven’t been able to gain/keep on weight since.
I struggle with having an appetite most days (I suffer from chronic nausea).

I was wondering if anyone else was trying to gain weight? My goal is 110, which would allow me to donate blood.
Does anyone have any tips?

Bonus points if you have high-cal, easy to snack on food suggestions!


  • singingflutelady
    singingflutelady Posts: 8,736 Member
    Me! I'm 5'8 105 lbs but I do have a health issur that makes eating very difficult.
  • invaderbree
    invaderbree Posts: 27 Member
    Trying to gain as well, I'm also 23. Feel free to add me
  • jessimia
    jessimia Posts: 130 Member
    Coconut milk popsicles! Great for the gut and super soothing and yummy 😊 I sweeten mine with organic stevia and add coconut flakes, cinnamon, and/or hemp seeds and chia. All good for you, higher in good fats so you feel full and soothing to your tummy. Hope this helps!