Apple Watch activity sync


MFP doesn’t seem to want to sync my workouts from my Apple Watch. It logs my steps but when I’ve started a workout on my watch (HIIT or strength) training then stopped it (and it’s logged to my Apple Health and my Lose It! app) it doesn’t sync to MFP. If I try and record a workout manually I can’t get the calories burned to match what I’ve actually done.

Can anyone help please?


  • jessicagreen1828
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    My workout didn’t sync today either, but it was working yesterday. My sources are all enabled to share the data in my Health App. Following to see if anyone finds the solution!
  • MelanieCN77
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    Search the boards and read, this has been covered to death.
  • mom4ajm
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    How accurate is the Apple Watch for heart rate and steps?
  • shadow2soul
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    Beats me. I just switched from Fitbit to Apple Watch and the sync is just plain bizarre.

    None of my workouts sync over. My steps do transfer over.
    MFP isn’t actually pulling my total calorie burn over from the watch. It’s just using it’s base calculation for whatever activity level I have selected and adding a few extra calories to it. Yesterday for example MFP is saying “1946 burned based on 55 calories burned as of 11:59pm.” So it only added 55 calories as an adjustment. Apple Watch says yesterday’s burn was 2521 (about what Fitbit would have said for yesterday’s activity). I think it’s just pulling calories for my steps and not the full calorie burn like it did with Fitbit. If I try logging my workouts it ends up just taking all the calories away. I am at a loss.