Hi looking for other disabled/fibromyalgia/ type 1s


I'm a type 1 diabetic with fibromyalgia and a dodgy knee and back. Exercise hurts at best and causes damage at its worst but I need to do something as my weight keeps creeping up and is doing nothing for my knee and back.

I'm hoping some calorie counting alongside 20 mins walking everyday will see some results, I'd love to find someone in a similar position or just a gentle cheerleader to make me get up and do it!


  • kiela64
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    <3 dodgy knee club! I dislocated my knee in 2015 and it's never been the same. I'm still working with a physiotherapist because every time we think it's okay it stops being okay. Lol. I get really anxious with exercise because that's how I dislocated it, and tore one of my calf muscles last year. But I need to do more. I'm working on slow and steady too. Lots of stretching, physiotherapy, aiming to swim more and walk more in 2019. Low impact cardio and some light strength work. I also have an unrelated concussion and it's just been a big setback for most aspects of my life. Feel free to add me if you like!
  • invaderbree
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    I have psoriatic arthritis and gastroparesis which make it hard to exercise, but I've been walking/doing yoga until I get this flare up under control. Feel free to add me! It's hard when you're not feeling good.
  • icclemunchy
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    I dislocated mine too kiela64 a good 8/9 yes ago now when I was pregnant with my eldest (I got attacked by a horse!) it's never been the same since but it's deff worse now than its been for a long time 😔

    It's hard working through a flare isn't it 8bit_kitten. I've been doing some one mile walk n talk videos on YouTube which are fairly low impact although I'm deff feeling them!