How accurate is the food tracker???

Hi all, ive been using this app for a few weeks and found it great for keeping track of my food intake. Does anyone know just how accurate the foods listed are when it comes to the calorie count? Thanks in advance.


  • ElizabethHanrahan
    ElizabethHanrahan Posts: 101 Member
    It is as accurate as most trackers. As long as you use the usda listings and not someone's personal entry, you should be good to go.
  • kshama2001
    kshama2001 Posts: 25,584 Member
    Unfortunately, the "verified" green check marks in the MFP database are used for both user-created entries and system entries. To find system entries for whole foods, I get the syntax from the USDA database and plug that into MFP.

    For packaged foods, I verify the label against what I find in MFP.
  • apullum
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    Sometimes entries are wrong. It’s worth double checking against the package, if available. Generic entries, like fresh produce, that come from the USDA database are generally accurate.

    For prepared foods, there’s no way to know what recipe was used by the person entering it. If possible, use the recipe builder and enter your own recipe.