New Year, Need New Friends

So I lost 65 pounds over a year's time. Then stopped back in August and gained back about 35 of it. So today I officially start back and need new friends/support! Yall feel free to add me!


  • lenhill04
    lenhill04 Posts: 54 Member
    BTW..... I have an open diary :)
  • tarabishop33
    tarabishop33 Posts: 8 Member
    Congrats on starting new! Today's my fresh start too, went crazy for the holidays. Add me if you want, i share my diary as well.
  • juliettedeg5073
    juliettedeg5073 Posts: 2 Member
    Hi I feel the same, been on and off for months.
    I could do with some support! Would happily support you :)
  • Mary_T30
    Mary_T30 Posts: 22 Member
    Feel free to add me always good too make new friends and i have a open diary as well
  • mathdad41
    mathdad41 Posts: 119 Member
    I’m always up for new friends. You can add me
  • ae92jay
    ae92jay Posts: 152 Member
    edited January 2019
    I am starting fresh in 2019. With new friends on here! You can add me
  • kristineal78
    kristineal78 Posts: 9 Member
    My first time here starting a new year with focus on a healthy new me! So new friends would be a nice bonus! Add me 😊
  • ribye
    ribye Posts: 59 Member
    Been off awhile but trying to get back in habbit feel free to add me
  • leigh8236
    leigh8236 Posts: 44 Member
    Happy to make new friends, feel free to add me 😊
  • lenhill04
    lenhill04 Posts: 54 Member
    I added everyone :)
  • riverain
    riverain Posts: 55 Member
    Feel free to add me too! More friends = more inspiration!
  • gotogogirl1
    gotogogirl1 Posts: 5 Member
    I’m new here too. Please add me. Looking forward to the support we can all give each other.
  • RoxyWhoShrinkyDink
    RoxyWhoShrinkyDink Posts: 23 Member
    I have put back on nearly 40 pounds in the aftermath of Hurricane Michael. I am restarting now. Feel free to add me.
  • meggers123
    meggers123 Posts: 711 Member
    Anyone is welcome to add me, too. I’m on the phone and can’t figure out how to do it 🙈
  • janekow
    janekow Posts: 16 Member
    Hi, i have been on here for a while but have slacked off. the last time i committed myself to mfp, i achieved my healthiest weight of 140 which is now my goal again as im at my heaviest weight ever. feel free to ad me please
  • lenhill04
    lenhill04 Posts: 54 Member
    Got yall too. We can do this new friends! :)
  • confusionmaven
    confusionmaven Posts: 33 Member
    I will definitely add you. I had been religious about mfp and lost 90 lbs over 15 months then took 3 months off (basically the holidays) and gained 20 lbs. back. I'm back on it now. Anyone can add me too!!
  • kaizo
    kaizo Posts: 87 Member
    Hi, feel free to add me anyone, I'm looking for some new friends. I've been on mfp forever and got to my goal weight a few years ago losing over 80lbs but now I've gained over 30 back, it needs to go!
  • gingilebanon2012
    gingilebanon2012 Posts: 15 Member
    Feel free to add me, I need to be accountable and I need friends for the journey. I have an open diary and good luck everyone
  • 3DCAKE
    3DCAKE Posts: 104 Member
    Yes!! Feel free to add me and that goes for everyone! :) We got this!!!