Motivation and Support

Hi!! I’m Jo from the south of England. Starting up on MFP again and am looking for motivators and in return I’ll help motivate you!!!
Desperate to lose a stone by March as I’ll be 40....


  • AnnabellaxRinger
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    Hey Jo!
    I'm Anna from the US and I've got about 60 pounds to lose myself - I would be happy to help motivate you and be there if you need someone to talk to or help you get back on track. :)
    I'll send you a friend request!
  • Jo_0303
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    That’s great, thanks Anna!!
  • scawish
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    Friend me too!! Definitely need motivation!!
  • aprillperry84
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    I have been a memeber off and on for 2 years now. I love to motivate and help others along their journey. I too, would love to lose weight and need support. Anyone can add me as well.
  • Hi Jo, we have the same goal and motivation! I’m trying to shed 10-15 lbs of weight that have slowly crept back on since my first success on this site three years ago. And, like you, I’m hoping to get there by my 40th (yuck) birthday in March. My fella is taking me on a birthday adventure to celebrate- a “trip of a lifetime” he says, though I don’t know where, that’s a surprise. Definitely want to be able to look back on my photos and not cringe at my thighs in a bikini! (Oh, you know, I want to be healthy and strong and all that too, but, real talk, the bikini is the driving force at this moment!) I log daily. Open dairy. My Achilles heel is nighttime snacking. I’ve sent you a request. Anyone else, please add me too-
  • vetvicki
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    I've got 10kg (22lb) to lose before I get into a bikini in 6 weeks time! Add me 😊
  • ashleyih
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    Feel free to add me too! ♥️
  • ercelray1
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    Add me too please. Thanks
  • slidefan216
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    Feel free to add me as well. I’m looking for support / motivation as well. Would love to exchange ideas and just keep everyone going!
  • Ttm80re
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    please add me the more friends I can gain to help keep me motivated the better 😊 think I'm slowly losing my mojo since my Christmas binge 😢