Comment here if you want more friends!!



  • MissPiggy92
    MissPiggy92 Posts: 13 Member
    I've logged in for 12 days straight, would love some motovation to keep this going and get in shape :)
  • Boxer1995
    Boxer1995 Posts: 11 Member
    always looking for motivated friends
  • jwhirl06
    jwhirl06 Posts: 3 Member
    Looking for more friends!
  • jhaddon7143
    jhaddon7143 Posts: 57 Member
    Add me !!
  • myzzfit
    myzzfit Posts: 22 Member
    Hey, what's up people! I think I'm ready to add some friends for accountability, and let's face it, we all need cheerleaders! I've been on mfp a long time, I think this might be my 2nd account, I was very successful in losing 40 pounds and reaching my goal weight with logging daily. I've gained 20 of those back over the course of a few years, and really serious about sticking with a healthy lifestyle, because honestly, I'm not getting any younger and I want to live a looooong, healthy, active life!

    I'm 36, married with 4 children. I'm a cardiac nurse, so I'm pretty big on heart health, but I seriously should exercise A LOT more than I do, like okay, let me rephrase that, I should start exercising. It's time to get honest with myself. I love healthy foods, veggies, fruits, healthy fats, proteins...but I've been lazy and I have turned to convenience & processed foods a lot over the last couple of years, so we are changing that. I've lost 6 pounds recently so I'm off to a good start, but I'm getting lonely, so add me as your friend! Let's keep one another accountable!
  • fit_chrissy125
    fit_chrissy125 Posts: 5 Member
    Add me!!!! 😜🙃
  • akgreen324
    akgreen324 Posts: 74 Member
    Yes.... asking for more friends... again o:)
  • hannieboo88
    hannieboo88 Posts: 2 Member
    I just got started on my Fitness journey! Add me and we'll help each other stay motivated! 🤘
  • JulsBra
    JulsBra Posts: 7 Member
    wouldn‘t mind being added :)
  • Chaos_Angel
    Chaos_Angel Posts: 23 Member
  • I'm from U.K looking for friends to help me on MFP
  • PeaceLoveVeganx
    PeaceLoveVeganx Posts: 7 Member
    I always need friends! Add me, please! :)
  • Dansfightforlife
    Dansfightforlife Posts: 111 Member
  • PushyRiot
    PushyRiot Posts: 9 Member
    looking for a helath tribe in 2019 to help support and motivate!
  • Kevin_Hassenpflug
    Kevin_Hassenpflug Posts: 70 Member
    Add me Please
  • tbduarte1
    tbduarte1 Posts: 84 Member
    looking for friends that have a similar journey as I do. I have about 150 more pounds to lose. About 40% of my weight. I am using CICO
  • JDMac82
    JDMac82 Posts: 3,192 Member
    Day 1781 and counting, yet to meet a stranger. Feel free to add me. Always up for new friends.
  • bjp931
    bjp931 Posts: 14 Member
    New friends always welcome!
  • MisterGoose
    MisterGoose Posts: 5 Member
    I’d love some more friends for motivation and support! 😁👍🏻
  • Becks_Ann
    Becks_Ann Posts: 11 Member
    Me Please. I could do with more friends.