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Good Morning everyone!

My name is Holly. I am a 37 year old who needs/wants/struggles to lose 86 lbs. I definitely have motivation issues as most of my family is overweight, it's freezing cold outside (in MI), and I love to eat...

...but if I did it once, I can do it again.
In 2011 I lost 38lbs on Weight Watchers, but gained it all back and then some :( I have a FitBit Versa somewhere in my house which I will be looking for as soon as I get home from work to charge that borker...

Oh yeah... I don't have any "real" kids, but I have two furbabies I like to call my dawg-ters lol. Rylee and Aurora. They are one of the only things that motivate me so once the weather gets nice I won't have any problem getting out of the house and playing/walking these's just this damn bitter cold winter.

I'm an introvert (INFP to be exact), an animal lover, a food lover (always with the carbs...), and I love to play video games (PS4 or PC)...problem with that is I'm also an office worker which means I sit on my butt at work and then go home and sit on my butt some more there too.

I'm looking for friends to help me on my path to losing the weight and getting BACK to a healthy weight range before I end up with Type II diabetes like my father or knee issues like my mother and grandmother. I also have general anxiety disorder which I hope symptoms can be relieved with a little weight loss as well. I bought myself a really nice Nautica treadmill, but still trying to gain the motivation to use the damn thing.

If you're willing to help a girl out, please feel free to friend me and we get get this weight loss shtuff rolling!


  • beast_kitty89
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    Hello! I asked to be your buddy. Meow meow meow!
  • lucyluvhandles
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    Hello! Just sent friend request. I'm 37 and also have 4 fur babies.
  • MotherFlufferMI
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  • zeejane03
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    Hello from a fellow Michigander and gamer :) I play it all, from PS2 to PS4/VR, to online gaming and then we just bought a RetroN5 this past weekend, which is freakin' awesome!

    I'm a few years into maintenance at this point, I'll send you a friend request :)
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    Hi. I'm extremely entertained by your user name and post. I sent you a friend request.
  • Lutielu
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    Ah, kindred spirit :)
  • Fatty_Nuff
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    Not a gamer. But a former WW, and I love my dog more than the world.