Exercising With Back Pain?

Since I got my Fitbit and have been exercising more, my back hurts all the dang time. I’m tall (6’3 {female}), and pretty heavy. I’ve been walking, jogging, doing this lateral stair-stepper at the gym, and I’m just in so much pain. I am seeing a chiropractor and I bought a TENS unit and use a heating pad, but it hurts every minute of every day. I do have 3 vertebrae in my lower back that are messed up (a mild form of spina bifida), but I was told they’d get more stiff and hurt less as I aged. Obviously, that wasn’t the truth. I’ve been seeing pain doctors, getting steroid epidurals and taking lots of narcotics for the past 20 years. It’s like shooting pains down my back on both sides and it wakes me up most nights. Sometimes it hurts so bad I feel like crying.

I’m sure losing weight will help, but did anything work for you while you were exercising and losing to keep you exercising and losing and not sitting in time out?

Thank you for reading and I greatly appreciate all helpful responses.


  • lx1x
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    Back brace typically helps me and Aleve/naproxen...

    Have arthritis in my lower back.
  • TavistockToad
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    You can lose weight without exercise, maybe rest your back and focus on that for a while?
  • jasonpoihegatama
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    I do exercise in the pool.
  • esterprath
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    Been doing physical therapy and doing pool therapy. Got back pain due to car injury and over training. The pool exercises better less pain for me. Did u try it?
  • TexasTallchick
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    I don’t have access to a pool. Well, I did join the YMCA, but the only time I can go on weekdays is the time they have school practices in there. Guess I gotta wait until summer. Thanks!
  • lorrpb
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    I would stop jogging and the lateral stair stepper thing, whatever that is. Maybe try yoga and some strength training?
  • deputy_randolph
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    My husband (also 6'3) has mild scoliosis and a degenerative disc. The chiro sent him to a physical therapist...he's supposed to stretch a lot (which is at least somewhat helpful). He was lifting with no pain for a few years.

    Eventually, the weight got too heavy for his back (or condition worsened or both). He works around the issue. For example: he doesn't back squat b/c that causes pain; he front squats which doesn't cause pain. Heavy deadlifts were fine until they weren't; he doesn't use a straight bar anymore; uses a trap bar which doesn't irritate his back. My powerlifting coach flat out told him that if a movement hurts to stop doing it and find something that doesn't hurt.
  • kellie7850
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    I too have had back problems and epidural steroid injections which helped a lot. Physio and tens also helped. I found yoga and swimming the best for me and slowly built up walking duration and on elliptical as it’s not jarring like jogging. It’s a slow process. I wish you the best
  • idioblast
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    Core strength and stretching have been pretty important for me. Also, lots of walking. Especially when my back is hurting. I used to try to rest, but the spine specialist told me walking was one of the best things I could do to help. As for the pain down the legs, sounds like sciatica and a chiro helped the most with that.
  • Fflpnari
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    I walk a lot. It changes daily what other exercises I can do. I listen to my back. Some days I can lift a barbell some days I can't. I try to strengthen my core. I do a lot of mobility/stretching
  • lmeldrum23
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    I have scoliosis and due to my size walking really hurt my back. I got orthotics put in my shoes and I was surprised how much it helped. I'm now able to walk longer without hurting my back nearly as much.
    I would also talk to a chiropractor about exercises that are best for you and what to avoid. Then you can know what exercises will hurt you and what can help you.
  • ijsantos2005
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    Deadlifts helped me. Maybe that’s an option for you.