Multiple Sclerosis Exercise Weight Loss

Hi! I want to lose 15-20lbs. I can't be super active due to Multiple Sclerosis. I can push myself for about 10 minutes at a time or do steady, slower pace activities for 30-45 minutes. Anyone else with the same circumstance?


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    No, but I love snarky. Exercise is, "do what you can do" and pick the "I want to lose .5 pound per week." You can do this!
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    Exercise contributes relatively little to weight loss. I and several others here recorded healthy, steady weight loss without any sort of exercise program.

    Exercise for health and fitness, control calorie intake for weight loss.

    Incidentally I completed a charity bicycle ride yesterday to raise funds of MS research. It was 58km (36 mile) and my longest previous ride was 35km (21.7 mile) so I'm absolutely spent today LOL.
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    Ps. I lost 70 pounds over the first 2 years and have maintained for the past year. You can do it!!
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    Hi! I want to lose 15-20lbs. I can't be super active due to Multiple Sclerosis. I can push myself for about 10 minutes at a time or do steady, slower pace activities for 30-45 minutes. Anyone else with the same circumstance?

    I have lost a lot of weight. I don't have MS, but I had limited mobility when I started (due to weight). Yet, I was able to lose in spite of a sedentary lifestyle (desk job and 3-4 hour commute). Do the best you can. You may even want to talk to a doctor to see what is safe for you, since there are medical considerations. Still, I think your current plan sounds right on. Over time, perhaps you can push yourself more. I have gone from barely being able to walk 100 yards to the other day walking for over an hour.

    You can overcome your issues. I knew a guy when I was at university. He was diagnosed with MS 15 years earlier, and was told he'd be in a wheelchair in 6 months to a year. He was one of the most active people I knew, so I believe you can become more active over time... and I saw him around the school for over 5 years. He never stopped. It isn't easy, but it can be done. I wish you all the best.
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    I don't have M.S but my husband had a scare with it last year. It was the worst year of our lives. Completely deviated us as we have young kids. He wants to dance at his daughters wedding and ride a bike with his son. He has a clinically isolated form of it CIS. He has symptoms which are permenant but exacerbate but not to the extent of lesions.. we are hoping it stays at at CIS and not progresses into full MS. As far as I know, exercise is not the answer to weight loss but it does help your general wellbeing esspecially with MS and helps prevent diseases you could get ontop of MS and aids in alleviating the anxiety and depression which plagues this situation.. all really good things if you can do it but if you can't you just do what you can and build it up over time. A physiotherapist helped my husband find the right methods to exercise and cope with symptoms.

    Have you heard of the OMS diet/life style approach? By professor George Jelinek? I highly recommend it. Its a popular apporach for people siffering from MS here in Australia. There's nothing weird or expensive about it.. its basically eat clean whole foods, lots of fish and low saturated fats get sunlight, meditate eliminate stress and take vit D.
    Husband is on this but he is Vegan and a little less strict but keeps the saturated fats very low still.. he only has CIS. I'm doing the same thing for him and to give him all the support he can so he feels he has a team to cheer him on as he kicks this thing. He lost a bucket load of weight this way and is very healthy despite the CIS. Happy to answer any questions. Wishing you the best ♥. You can do this! Don't worry too much about exercise it will happen.. just do what ever you can ♥
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    I’m taking a MS Moves class at our park district. It shows us different ways to exercise at different ability levels. People with MS are supposed to exercise since it’s been proven to help with flares and general health but the science says it’s not necessary at the same level as non MS folks. 2 days a week for 30 minutes of cardio (or split across more days if absolutely necessary) and the same amount of time with resistance training is enough to keep healthy. I was diagnosed in 2015 and tried to let myself believe that I can’t exercise without risking a flare up so I packed on the weight. I’m back to counting calories and this park district class inspired me to get back to the gym so I’m hoping for success!
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    I have MS and am in the dreaded wheelchair. I recently found some HIIT videos on u-tube with people in wheel chairs. Seems to be working on increasing my stamina for not just the exercises but for the entire day. The best exercise I have found is in a heated pool (600 calories burned per hour). I now walk up to 1000 steps a day with a walker. 2 years ago I could not stand.

    A year ago I lost 50 pounds and then just stop losing and I can't figure out why. Any suggestions are welcome. I eat mostly fruits and vegetables and eat low fat on everything else. Fiber count is always high. Sugar may be too high but they mostly come from fresh fruit.
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    I have MS and only use a wheelchair anywhere I would have to walk an excessive amount (zoo, museums). I do seated aerobics right now because of mobility and balance issues. While exercise isn’t a must to lose weight I’ve found it to be mentally helpful, especially during flares. Modify what you do based on how your flares affect you. My back doctor recommended using a recumbent bike and the seated aerobics, you can also do seated weight lifting. And last but not least I know a number of MS patients do pool aerobics
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    So far I have lost 314lbs with zero exercise. I have MS and am in a wheelchair full time. It can be done!