Zero exercise, 314lbs 142kg down so far. It can be done! No excuses!

I live in my wheelchair and have several disabilities. However I have still managed to so far lose 314lbs or 142kg. I still need to lose 50lbs or 23kg so I can have skin removal surgeries. But it can still be done with zero exercise if you want it bad enough.


  • tusshay
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    Amazing !
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    What an outstanding achievement. Bravo!

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    Wow!!! Awesome job! Super inspiring!!!
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    Absolutely wonderful! Good job!
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    Amazing well done
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    Bravo, great achievement!
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    That's fantastic! You show great determination and commitment! Congratulations and the best of luck reaching your goal :)
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    Wow! You are an inspiration!
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    What did u eat?
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    You da real MVP
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    How awesome! You truly do inspire me. Super job. Thanks for sharing and being real!
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    Awesome girl , keep going . You look fabulous , that smile
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    Amazing job. How did you accomplish this.
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    Awesome job - thanks for sharing
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    You’re an inspiration to many people. Do you mind sharing your secret?
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    Wow, that is so inspiring :) Thanks for sharing!