Need motivation for tonight.

Hello everyone tonight I am heading to my first Zumba class and I am not entirely sure what to expect. I am feeling a lot of anxiety about it, I am afraid I won't be able to keep up with everyone else. I am not very good at dancing at all. I guess I need some motivation so any advice and support would be great, thank you.


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    I find that most people at Zumba don't know what they're doing, myself included :) The instructors are always amazing, so get yourself a spot where you can see him/her. Our classroom has a mirror, so it doesn't really matter where you stand you can see the instructor. If you get lost, just step in place until you can pick it up again. The important part is to have fun and burn calories :) And even if you're not great at dancing, you'll definitely be sweating by the end of class :)
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    The key is to just keep moving until you catch on. Watch the instructor. They often point which way they are going next or which foot you should use. Worry about getting the foot movements first and figure out the arms later. Go at your own pace. I don't jump like some of the other folks because of knee issues. But I still break into a sweat! Try to wear shoes that don't have too much tread, they will stick to the floor and slow you down. Make sure you take a water bottle, towel and maybe a sweat band. Again, go at your own pace and if you don't like the instructor, find another one. While many of the moves are the same, they each approach it in their own way.

    Most of all - Have fun!!! I love it and I hate exercise.
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    So far I have done two Zumba classes and I have to say I really enjoy it. I have had a lot of fun doing this.
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    Just keep stepping to.the left and then the right left right when you get lost, which could happen heaps as it does to everyone. Stand at the back so you're less self conscious. But even people that go all the time are self conscious and or have no rhythm . The moves start simple eg just your legs then build to include arms and then after a few you put them all together. You will get lost at some point in that but just carry on side stepping or marching on the spot , enjoy the music, enjoy the vibe and remember your on my goal for today is to show up and stay in the room for a whole class xx
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    When you first come into the class, introduce yourself to the teacher and tell her you are a beginner. It can take many, many classes to learn the basic moves but once you do, it will seem so much easier. If it goes too fast, just march in place or side to side like someone else mentioned. Good luck and have fun
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    Since the OP posted in 2012, I'm not sure they're still interested in input.