Gym Crushes



  • I just stare and creep from a distance. Eventually she notices, avoids me for a few days, and that's the last I ever see of her. Then I move on to the next one. /sigh


    Oh my god, I choked on my drink! That was friggin hilarious :laugh:
  • california_peach
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    I just talk to him about the Maury Povich show. I'm married, and there just isn't much more I want do, but I still think he's cute. You could try talking to him, maybe about Maury Povich, or whatever other dumb show they have on at your gym.
  • usmcmp
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    I approach guys if I think they are attractive. Usually when getting water or something. Not that I'm trying to date any of them, but I'll ask about their routine. Often guys have noticed mine and ask what I'm doing. I've made some friends this way.
  • VorJoshigan
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    There's this one guy I see at my gym sometimes. At first I wasn't digging him, but then I really started liking him a lot. We've been spending a lot of time together lately.

    Wait. I work out at home. Nevermind - I was just seeing myself in the mirror.
  • LankyYankee
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    I have been told that the sexiest thing on a woman is confidence.... Roll up, smile, say Hi and see if he responds.

    That said, I totally do the eyes on the floor, umm yeah Hi,every time a guy I think is attractive says Hi to me. What can I say? Work in progress!
  • Walk over to were he is working out at. Drop something in is vecinity. gym membership card, workout gloves, key etc. And ask did he drop something. If he starts to conversate with you. Take it from there. If he don't move on.
  • penrbrown
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    Smile. Speak to him if there's an opportunity (to not seem intrusive) but otherwise just enjoy the view and don't worry about it.
  • drchimpanzee
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    ....It makes me feel uncomfortable since I already feel self concious that people are looking at me (even though they probably could care less)...

    lol! it's so nice to hear other people express this feeling! I totally feel like this too, and I'm always trying to coach myself that I'm just being super sensitive and self conscious!

    Yes, how terrible someone thought you were so attractive they wanted to approach you. How horrible it must be for this to happen.
  • gmallan
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    If he's doing weights and you do too you could try complimenting his form or workout routine or ask him for a spot or some advice on something weights-related. I think most guys love this kind of stuff. Just make sure he's between sets
  • I would be more discrete... but this would only work in a crowded gym... I would ask to share some machine he is on and thenceforth i would say hi to him... baby steps haha Good luck anyway! :wink:
  • Ugh you sound like me. I have had a major gym crush for the past two months but I am just too damn shy to do anything about it.

    I like the dropping something "on accident" though. May try that.
  • Maryaly40
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    I just stare and creep from a distance. Eventually she notices, avoids me for a few days, and that's the last I ever see of her. Then I move on to the next one. /sigh

    Your eyeing up the wrong women! lol
  • DannaJ1972
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    Well! about my gym crush....I'm happy that I got one, in all the years of my gym goings I just never had a gym crush on a guy before until now. I think I'm just gonna keep it as that for now. i like fantasising about him and if he talks to me it might ruin the fantasy I have of him.
  • nooshi713
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    I need a gym crush
  • Reckoner67
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    I thought this thread would have more to do with people dropping weights on themselves--relieved to find out otherwise
  • DannaJ1972
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    Hate Murphy’s Law! I bump into people I’ve met once or clients of mine like everywhere right front and centre but my gym crush never anywhere else but the gym . Be nice to bump into him casually somewhere outside the gym!
  • dsboohead
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    I havent had a gym crush since I married him :p
  • Sheluvsbread2much
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    I wish I had a gym crush. I haven't crushed on anybody in ages. If I had a gym crush, I would welcome it as motivation to go to the gym and I wouldn't do anything else about it.
  • Cahgetsfit
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    My Gym Crush graduated a bit over a year ago (I work at a university. I also felt like some crazy cougar type whilst ogling on him). The crush was so bad I couldn't even like function next to the guy. As in vocal functions. I did lift HARD near him tho LOL and did gaze admiringly at him a LOT.

    Now I have a new sort of gym crush. But not like The Boy Who Graduated. This one is just coz I was desperate for some eye candy and he fit the bill. Because i'm not reduced to a quivering mess when I see him, I have been able to do the smile and nods and "hello" at him when we walk past each other. He responds in kind. I have not as yet actually had a conversation with him and he's never approached me either, and he does see that I talk to a HEAP of people down at the gym (it's a bit of a family environment, always same people same time) so i'm not some *kitten*-faced unapproachable thing.

    However, not such a bad thing that we don't chat because after all, I am married and probably minimum 15 years older than him.

    Yeaaaahhhhh well.... the older guys at the gym don't do it for me sorry. No harm in looking anyway. right?
  • DannaJ1972
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    so my gym crush shows up out of the blue (TODAY) Friday. He never works out on Friday like I do! |I only see him on Sunday and in passing on Wednesday he would be coming in as I am walking out. I have been going to this gym for a whole year and I never seen him workout on Friday until today. \He truly caught me off guard, how did he find out I work out on Friday! Could it be a coincidence!....

    He has been working out close by me a lot lately and been watching me more than usual, he's been making eye contact like every chance he gets. I obviously think he is a hottie but fear that is all that's there for us hence why I prefer to keep him as my crush I don't want to risk losing this wonderful crush in case it doesn't work out.