I’ve used this app before but it’s its been a while. I am back again, I’m 35 now and weight 161lbs which in my opinion is too much, for me I believe 145 would be a much healthier weight. I think the reason I’ve put on so much weight is because I eat out a lot and don’t really cook at home because I work about 60 hrs a week and am always out and about. I have noticed that I am finding it super hard to just say no to food and I think a lot of that has to do with me being bored because I’m more of a summer person so during crappy weather like it is now I’m not as active besides with work and an hour at the gym, I know it sounds confusing.


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    Good luck on your journey
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    Same boat with the work thing i work 50-60 hours a week as well. Besides trying to prep a weeks worth of food on sunday or whatever i found its really helpful to have quick options. Like microwave rice, 1 minute oats, wraps, protein shakes, almonds, and canned/packaged tuna or chicken available. They aren't gourmet meals but with the right seasoning or hot sauce or something they can be pretty good. (Dont usually have time to enjoy food anyways as im always on the go so flavor is an after thought lol) and they help keep me away from fast food and take out. Just somehing to consider!