Anybody else intermittent fasting?

This will probably get booted, but for some of us, it's the ONLY way to keep weight if you have or if you want to, please befriend me so we can keep each other motivated!


  • kimny72
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    Lots of people do IF here. As long as you are eating enough calories each week, there's nothing against MFP rules that I'm aware of about IF.

    I used to do it, but a more traditional eating schedule is working better for me right now.

  • monaraehill2
    monaraehill2 Posts: 61 Member
    Thanks. Glad to see it isn't a no-no! :)
  • 123juliaj123
    123juliaj123 Posts: 75 Member
    I fast from time to time in order to balance my food intake and I find I usually feel a lot more healthy after a day without food. I do keep my fluids up and choose a day when Im not going to be working hard or under pressure.

    Apparently some people advocate fasting on occasion to reduce the likelihood of cancer in the future, dont know if theres anything to that but certainly not a negative
  • Limath
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    I'm love IF. Currently doing 18:6, or 16:8 depending on the day. I eat breakfast and lunch, and skip dinner.
  • georgielondon73
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    Yes, I do! Always had trouble with my weight and got up to 210lbs last summer. Started not eating before 10am or after 7pm and I've lost 45lbs in the last 7-8 months. I get a lot less cravings and haven't binged in all that time. It's been life changing.
  • wrziesmer
    wrziesmer Posts: 60 Member
    Currently on IF and believe I'm going to make it permanent. Doing 20/4. Sometimes I just OMAD for convenience. Almost to my goal weight and then to start building and toning with workouts.

    Like not having to worry about multiple meals.
  • pierinifitness
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    @monaraehill2 and @wrziesmer, we have an Intermittent Fasting group here at MFP. Why don’t you stop by and say hello and maybe hang around sharing your IF experiences. I maintain and share a daily IF journal there. You might enjoy being among like-kind and enthusiasts IF practitioners.

    Hope to see you soon.
  • coady_mc
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    Hey @pierinifitness , could you link the IF group I'm just getting started and would love to join the community!
  • LushFix
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    I recently discovered what I do intuitively when I calorie restrict is kind of like intermitten fasting. I like to eat at night and not hungry in the morning sometimes for 4 or so hours. I usually eat my calories between 2pm and 10pm. But I also work a casual night shift and I’ll usually have a 150 calorie protein shake when I do. currently looking into actually paying attention and trying to keep my eating window to 8 hours.
  • HurricaneNaoki
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    Yep, 16:8. 12:00 - 20:00 works best for me, currently. May change to a later time though, as I gym late at night and become ravenous afterwards.
  • pierinifitness
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    Good morning @coady-mc, you can visit the Intermittent Fastiing group here:

    Glad you're just getting started. We have to be open-minded about the tools we try to get our job done being lean and mean fitness dudes. IF will help you build unbridled discipline about how you fuel your body to be the best you can and want to be. However, at the end of the day, you still need to create and sustain a calorie deficit.

    Join us at the group and I'll privately greet you at the front door. While I'm busy with work now and unable to accept friend requests, if you start posting your IF journey journal at our group, I promise you I'll be your biggest cheerleader here at MFP. Hope to see you soon; enjoy your day.