Newbie! Type 1 Diabetic

Hey Everyone!

I’m new to MyFitnessPal. I’m originally from NYC, lived in LA and now living in Phoenix.
I have been T1D for 27 years and have a number of Diabetic complications; retinopathy, detached retina, neuropathy, gastroparesis and an overactive adrenal gland and high estrogen levels.
I’m on here to help focus on my patterns and where I can improve my diet and excersise to help my glucose and possibly hormone control!
Any other T1D’s on here?!


  • MarvinsFitLife
    MarvinsFitLife Posts: 874 Member
    You can beat all these complications 💪🏽
  • nickylee76
    nickylee76 Posts: 629 Member
    My son is a type 1. He’s only 13 and so far doing ok but the struggle of puberty is resting it’s ugly head with it... it’s a struggle some days.