Lost 15 lbs but not 1 inch

I'm 5'2 and on 1st of January I weighed 10 stone 10 lbs, I weighed myself today and weigh 9 stone 9 which I'm really happy about , but when I started I also measured my neck bust waist below my belly button my right arm thigh knee calf and ankle and there all exactly the same now as they were then, am I losing muscle instead of fat? When can I expect to start losing inches? Or if I'm doing something wrong what can I do to lose inches. Also want to mention I walk roughly 7 miles a day but I've been doing that for about 4 years now. Any help would be appreciated xxx


  • WickedPineapple
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    I actually had a similar experience of weight loss, but seemingly no fat loss. Over time it became apparent to me that I lost fat from my upper back & shoulders first, which weren't accounted for in any measurements. I didn't notice until the summer when all my tank tops showed way more cleavage than previously. Just keep at it, you can't control where the fat comes off.

    Edited to add: You're doing amazingly, and 7 miles a day is awesome!
  • jadeybaby6385
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    Thanks so much for your post wickedpineapple, it's just such a downer to have been doing this for over 3 months and not have lost a single inch hopefully I'll be like you and start getting results soon xxx