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This is a little embarrassing but I am going to share it anyway, as it is nice to hear if others are having the same problems, or any other tips & tricks that I haven't tried yet.

So my BM have always been a struggle but since I have been aware of what I am eating and been eating clean for the last 2/3 years.. it's got worse. Now more than ever! It has always been something I have just dealt with. However this year in particular it has got worse, the last few weeks I have been going about 4-5 days with nothing or minimal about, like the size of a small stone! Normally if I eat a treat, for example have a Dominos on the weekend, I will then go, but apart from that, during the week there isn't much at all, and I suffer from bloating.

I am finding it hard to drop weight and I am generally just feeling tired/lethargic and like I want to sleep all day! I train 5-6 times a week and I train hard! so as far as I am aware this is not normal!

I do IF, which has always agreed with me, and I find actually makes me less bloated. I aim for around 1600-1800 calories a day depending what I am training, I have stopped tracking for now as I find that I am starting to obsess over whether it is my food, not eating enough, too much protien, too much carbs etc. So instead I am handwriting my food dairy for this week ready to take to my Drs.

I saw my DR last week and he put me on a laxative "Macrogol" which I can take 3 times a day if needed, so far they have hardly done anything except make my bloat with my stomach turning rock hard and me questioning if I am pregnant!!!

I have tried fibregel, dried apriots, prune juice, orange juice, Senakot, Aloe Vera juice - you name it!

Can anyone pleaseeeeee give me some advice!? I have just ordered a testing kit to do to see if I am tolerant to any type of foods? Thanks in advance!!!


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    What is your fat and fiber intake?

    Yes I too have tried all of those things in the past. Honestly...I have had more luck with balancing my fiber and making sure that I get more fat in my diet. I have a tendency to eat low fat so I make sure that my vegetables are roasted in some type of oil. The rest of my fat usually comes from cheese. I will warn though...don't overdo the fiber initially(too much too quick can cause constipation). Build it up over time.

    I feel for you...took me a while to find the combination to where bathroom time is more pleasant.
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    Something you can try is Magnesium Citrate powder if you can find it at your local health food store. Taken daily, it helps to keep things moving. With that said, make sure you're drinking plenty of water and your diet is rich in magnesium and fiber (lots of fresh fruits and vegetables). This should help 'move' things along. If you do get the magnesium citrate, it is safe to do a double dose at first to help as well. You cannot O.D. on the stuff. If you get too much, you'll just 'run off' which will likely make you feel better as well.

    Have you been checked for Celiac? Low B12 levels? Leaky gut? Thyroid? These all play a part in how the gut processes food and eliminates as well.
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    I drink around 3-4 litres a day. Sometimes more through training, so I always on the loo for a wee! Thanks for the advice.. I normally struggle to reach my fat intake but I do have Avocados, fish at least twice a week, I cook everything in coconut oil and tend to snack on Cashew nuts a few times a week? I have stopped tracking for a while as I was beginning to obsess but maybe I should note down just my fat intake to check what I am on. I am not sure of my fibre, I genuinely eat some sort of fruit/veg with every meal!?

    I didn't know if IF was causing a problem perhaps? Will look at magnesium.

    I have booked to go see the DR again so will keep you updated, can't get an appointment for another week though!
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    I keep my diet very macro balanced (including 25g daily fiber) but I still take a daily magnesium supplement and since starting that it has really helped. I’ve had chronic issues since I was a baby...I feel your pain! Best of luck <3
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    I was same for a few months and someone on MFP suggested having a yoghurt.

    Started having a probiotic one every day and sorted me right out. Back to clockwork now.
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    I have IBS and every diet change I make sets me up for constipation. I take Miralax a few times a week and try hard to get enough fiber in my food (but often don't). I know your struggle.
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    I have started taking a probiotic at least once a day, sometimes twice, a digestive enzymes, and a magnesium ultra at bedtime. This has helped a lot. Otherwise, I was having to take a senna tea to get moving again.
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    Magnesium citrate and a lot of water is pretty much the only thing that helps me consistently. It works by pulling water into the intestinal tract makimg things move better. Also make sure you're getting leafy greens. Diets high in protein can contribute to problems so I find lots of veg helps round things out without adding too many calories.
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    Theoldguy1 wrote: »
    Yes no problem! Do you monitor your fiber on MFP? You should be in the ballpark of 25-30grams a day. Make sure you're hitting those marks.

    Additionally you can do saline enemas to help clear yourself out. I usually do it every other week but you could honestly do it once a day and be fine.

    Another thing that will help with bloat is if you start taking Digestive Enzymes - these will help break down the food in your stomach better and give you less stone-like poops.

    Oh hell no to the bolded.

    Go back and see the doctor.

    ^^This! Go see your doctor again. You should not reqire regular enemas in order to go!

    A lot of great advice here. Someone else here suspected that you may not be getting enough fat, and I agree with that.

    I find that pears, beets, prunes (check what a serving is- overdoing the prunes for several days gives me the opposite problem) or plums help me out in this department, and I try to have a serving of one every day.

    Good luck.
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    What type of medications do you take? I'm on a medication that has constipation as a side effect. If that is the case, regular constipation remedies such as extra fiber, water etc. don't work. I intake a little over the recommended daily fiber, fat intake is good, and drink over 100 ounces of water a day and still have issues due to my medication. My doctor also confirmed it was my medication.

    I was prescribed Linzess; however, I haven't tried it yet. Waiting until I have a free weekend just in case it causes diarrhea.

    It's very frustrating.
  • leejoyce31
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    I used to take magnesium citrate; however, it impacted my renal function. Some people think there is no limit on how much you can take, but that is not the case. So be careful with excessive amounts of magnesium.
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    Thanks for all of your advice, some are really helpful! I am 100% going back to the drs and I am keeping a log (excuse the pun) of all movements and what I put into my body, then hopefully that way we can see if there is an under lining issue. I did have some almonds today to up my fats, I will keep this up to see if there are any improvements and get some Magnesium supplements.

    I often wonder whether I have just got a "slow metabolism" and this might just be something that I will have to get use too? Don't know if that is even a thing but just can't imagine myself ever going "normally" now.
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    You could also consider getting a referral from your doctor to a gastroenterologist.
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    I struggle- always have. But this time around it was getting pretty bad. lately I've added benefiber (or store brand equiv) to my drink 2x a day. In my morning coffee, and in my water in the afternoon. Seems to be helping. You just stir it in and it doesn't change the taste or color or anything. I was pretty miserable for a while, and even over the counter laxatives weren't working. I was about to go to the doctor when I started upping the fiber intake and that seems to have helped.