How to find weight loss motivation again?

My goal is to lose 7kg. For the past 3 weeks I’ve been eating really good. My diet consisted of a lot of protein, complex carbs and some healthy fats. I also allowed myself to have my fav treats daily. It didn’t feel like a diet at all. I didn’t feel restricted. For the first time ever I felt so happy. Like I felt I could finally lose weight. Anyways last week was my dads birthday and there was a lot of treats. Most were my fav. That day I had a cheat day. I didn’t count my cals. Next day woke and worked out and ate normal but later that night I was craving sugar so I had a doughnut and some other treats. End of that night I felt crap. The days after I craved more and more junk. Basically I binged for a whole week. I had all sorts of food. Eg cookies, brownies, pizza etc. Now I don’t feel good. I can’t sleep at night for some reason. I really wanna get back to track but my inner motivation is gone. How do I get this back???? Pls advise me on this! My emotions are all over the place.... 😞


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    My friend "Most people give up right before the big break comes — don’t let that person be you." Just don't let it defeat your purpose, remember you are worth it!
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    Sounds like you've already found the motivation. You feel bad, you have slipped into cravings, you can't sleep.
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    I lost 30 pounds last year and then a lot changed in my life, got depressed and gained it all back plus a pound! about 3 weeks ago I was having a date day with my hubby and we went to a movie and then went to lunch after. I had a soda at the movie and fried chicken and lemonade at lunch. After that lunch i felt so TERRIBLE! I had a migraine, I felt dizzy, lethargic, it was awful. That was the straw that broke the camels back this time. It really scared me to have my body just shut down like that. Ever since then I've turned my diet back around and have been staying motivated to eat well and hit 10k steps a day and I've lost about 5 pounds. I'm already feeling better and now I'm encouraged to keep going and get back down to where I was last year and beyond! Listen to your body, it's smart!!!!
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    Iv been exactly the same, a whole week eating more and more junk food and cant seem to stop, as much as I tell myself ok today is a new day let's do this again. I seem to do good until dinner time and just fail.
    Hope you manage to break the cycle and get back on your healthy eating.
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    I know with me I go into a binge( last 1 was a 4 day binge) I noticed it happens having having even a small treat, for example having a thin slice of someone’s birthday cake. It will start me off in that I want to continue eating junk, cookies, cake, candy, chips, etc. The more I eat of this the more I want. I feel like a drug addict while I am eating all this garbage. Then I begin to feel lousy and guilty and then I’ll go cold turkey, no junk and no sweets. The first day or 2 is rough but as the days go by, the cravings become less and less. I just can’t handle sugar and being around junk food. I am back off the sugar cycle, I hope for awhile,
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    Motivation will let you down. Build discipline. Yes, it takes work but at the same time it's also the same thing that'll carry you through those days when you don't want to do the thing. Motivation's too much of a fairweather thing.
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    We all have them. Whats done is done, put it behind you....There are no cheat days, have they ever worked?? Is cheating acceptable with anything in life? None of us got here having cheat days that worked....take it one day at a time, some of us just have to come to the realization that this is our new life, healthy choices every its not easy....AT ALL, but its a whole lot better than feeling the way we all do....

    There is always someone out here who cares.....and so many just like you.
    This sucks.....but we know how it feels to make bad choices. Its done....Tomorrow is day 1