Logging every food

I just started logging every bite or drink I take. I think this will give me an insight to my calorie intake. Wish me luck.


  • cbergan2
    cbergan2 Posts: 5 Member
    Good luck! It seems time consuming but goes quicker as you get used to doing it. I find it really helps me stay accountable!
  • luaP852350
    luaP852350 Posts: 131 Member
    Welcome along and good luck 👍
  • Momepro
    Momepro Posts: 1,509 Member
    Make sure you are using an actual scale and going by weight instead of the box, serving size, or volume measurements like cup, oz or tablespoon. Theres a HUGE calorie difference between a cup of whole something (like nuts or cereal) and a cup of chopped or ground version of the same item. Going by weight takes all that guesswork out of the equation.
    I discovered I was pretty much eating double the calories I thought, once I started actually weighing my food.