Fitness Tracker recommendation

Hello. I recently rejoined MyFitnesspal. I am interested in utilizing a fitness tracker in my weight loss plan. I recently tried a FitBit Inspire HR but had trouble with syncing to my android phone and also with step counting/fitness tracking accuracy, so I returned it.

I would like a tracker that is reliable and is as accurate as these devices can be. I understand there are limitations.

I am interested in the Garmin trackers but am open to other brands. What do you use or have had success with? My budget would be in the $75-125 range.

Thank you for the replies!


  • Tramboman
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    My wife and I both use refurbished Garmins, and neither of us have had any issues. They sync up well with Garmin Connect, and are sufficiently accurate for my purposes. A refurbished Garmin 25 should be findable in your price range.
  • Yivs_87
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    I've switched to Xiaomi Mi Band 3. Cheap and most accurate compared to my Garmin and Fitbit.

    Though for HR while working out I use Polar H7.
  • Spadesheart
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    Yivs_87 wrote: »
    I've switched to Xiaomi Mi Band 3. Cheap and most accurate compared to my Garmin and Fitbit.

    Though for HR while working out I use Polar H7.

    Honestly the Xiaomi options are really great. I had the mi band and now I have the Amazfit Bip which is also made by Xiaomi. 1 month battery life, always on e ink screen, notifications, and all the crap you actually need. The sleep tracking isn't as great, but I honestly think it's the best that can be had for the price.
  • Yivs_87
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    Xiaomi and Huawei have started producing great products at a much better price than the "leaders".

    The Mi Band 3 is about 25-30dollars. And if I'm not wrong they will be soon releasing the Band 4.
  • fishgutzy
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    Can't beat Garmin for a rugged device that will survive all manner of abuse.
    Apple watch would never survive me for long.
    Skip the jewelry class "trackers."
    If you are going to be active, you need something that will survive a smack on a rock or a scrape with the tile wall of a pool.
  • eromligyppah
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    I wear my Garmin all the time. It's a little beyond that price range but my prior Garmin was a re-certified one I got on Amazon, a Vivoactive. My daughter uses it now and loves it.
  • thanos5
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    don't get a fitbit charge 3 is all i can say, from personal experience. pos!
  • bsktgrvy1
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    Thank you all for your replies. I went with the Garmin Vivosport as Best Buy had a closeout price. So far I like it. The screen is a bit small but is very clear. It has a lot of features and I'm still learning the Garmin Connect App, but I like it as well.

    I have a little longer for my trial period but it looks like I will keep this one.

    I was going to hold out for the Samsung Galaxy Fit that is coming out but this one seems to work for me.
  • sammidelvecchio
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    I have a refurbished Garmin vivosmart. I really like it except it gives me way too many floors climbed. This means a highly inflated calories burned number. This seems to be hit or miss with a software upgrade done last year, some people experience it others don't but Garmin has yet to put out a fix from my research into the topic.
  • asliceofjackie
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    My mother has a FitBit Charge 3, which has worked extremely well for her. I'm wishing for one for my birthday a month from now! I've been watching my mum use it and the app looks super convenient and so forth. I'll be able to say more when/if I get myself one and try it out myself.

    In general, the best is to try for oneself until you find something that suits you and not listen religiously to people who have their own experiences. Everyone is so different, it's hard to know what might fit you and what might not.

    I hope the Garmin will fit you! :smile: