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Foldable Portable Treadmill

Hi everyone,

I am looking at using a foldable portable treadmill just for walking because i am at the desk all day and have decided that maybe i could walk and work at the same time.
1) is it realistic to walk and work?
2) has anyone used a portable treadmill and is it any good?


  • KBClimber
    KBClimber Posts: 20 Member
    I have a coworker who uses an under desk stair stepper and he really likes that.
  • lorrpb
    lorrpb Posts: 11,464 Member
    Whether it's doable would depend on what your work entails. If your job requires a lot of concentration or computer work, seems like it would be difficult to walk and work.

    I would be concerned that a foldable portable treadmill would be kind of flimsy and unsteady. I prefer a solid feeling under me. It will be different depending on your height and weight. The experience of someone who is 5' 100 lbs will be quite different from someone who is 6' and 300 lbs. I would try to find one I could look at and try out. Also be sure to check out the weight ratings for the equipment, especially if you are more than 175.