Need some advice - less filling healthy foods to reach calorie goals.

I actually posted this as a reply to a different thread...then found it was last replied to in 2013...oops.

I am trying to figure out how to get to over 1200 calories of healthy foods most days without feeling like I am forcing myself to eat. This is a real issue right now. I am flip flopping around 172-177lbs and need at least 20-30 gone. Injuries (probably due to the increased weight) have curbed my running and most other types of weight bearing or foot flexing activities.

My calorie goal is 1500 in an effort to get my metabolism back up and lose weight. When I am paying attention, weighing my food and portioning out with meal plans etc. I have to force myself to eat to even hit 1000 calories let alone 1500. I actually have an ongoing joke with a friend that I have to have a glass of wine or rum some nights to hit 1200. Healthier foods fill me up super fast but give me junk food and I can down 1200 calories in a burger and fries without blinking (I don't do that very often at all though).

Right now I feel almost sick full, after squeezing in a bowl of Greek yogurt with almond butter, honey, almonds and cocoa powder to get to a whopping 1179 for the day (and yes, with a glass of wine added for the night).

I don't eat many times a day -which I know I need to change - but most of the time I have to actually remember to eat - not because I feel hungry - but because it is necessary for me to eat. I just need to find that one person like me that has found the trick to more healthy less filling calories which will result in a better metabolism which will aid in weight loss. Salads don't count...I can fill up on a side salad with a piece of chicken.

I am not sure if my diary is public...but to be honest I am not super great about keeping up with it. I go between pen and paper and this site. What is there is pretty on point though with how most every day is for me food wise.


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    quote="pinuplove;c-43597902"]I suppose it all depends on how you define "healthy food" (subjective term, that).

    You could start here:

    My advice would be eat the *kitten* burger, but that's just what I would do 🤷[/quote]

    Thanks everyone for your input. I think the link pinuplove added is my best starting point. :-)

    I thought I was responding on my phone but it doesn't look like any of it went up here - or maybe it all did and I have no clue of how to see it. Soooo long since I have been on discussion boards for anything.

    I should have defined my version of "junk" - more like potato chips, that awesome Five Guys burger and fries, street vendor hot dogs and well...margaritas. All those types of foods that are gut bombs to begin with. I would scarf down a full steak, shrimp and mashed potatoes if my appetite would allow it without me feeling ill afterwards. For example I had PDQ last the grilled chicken tenders down but only managed a small handful of fries before I was stuffed. If I had started with the those fries would have been gone.

    I used to be extremely active - marathons and triathlons - and at that time I could easily eat almost double the calories I am now and still feel like I could fit more most days. But have been sidelined for a while now and my body has done a full 180 degrees on me. I am slowly able to return to activity (docs permission) but it is going to be a long road made even longer if I can't get those calories in to properly fuel.

    Thanks again. It is appreciated.

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    maybe eat more than once a day VS force eat yogurt and a glass of wine for 1200 cals in one go?

    it's also not all or nothing. after getting some variety of nutrients/macros you don't get extra points for extra brocoli. stop shaming foods and eat a variety of things including those you consider "bad".

    but here is a list of calorie dense food (more calories per gram if you will so you need less "food volume" to hit your goal. lots of "good healthy foods" in there.
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    How long have you been fluctuating between 172-177.

    Also, why do you think you need to get our metabolism "back up"?
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    I do see what everyone is saying about my outlook on certain foods. You are all very correct and I need to work to stop doing that just as much as I need to stop looking at my progress or lack of in the way that I do. I am way too hard on myself (as many of us are) at times like this and it radiates out to the way I look at what I do and eat.

    I just have portion control issues when it comes to certain types of foods. Limiting them (not fully excluding) had to become a choice to make in order to reach my goals. Adding the foods I won't try to overeat from that list and others I have found will be truly helpful in giving me a balance. I do treat myself by going out and eating some of those foods...but I can't have them in the house.

    It is a learning process right now. Try everything and hopefully land on something that will work for me. :-)
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    Eat the burger if you not eating the burger makes your experience unpleasant. A couple of days ago I ate calzones for lunch. That's basically like a folded pizza. Here are the micronutrients I got from calzones alone, far from empty calories:

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    There are some foods, "trigger food" many of us keep out of the house. trigger foods. for some chips are that so no chips in the house unless it's a planned binge (or getting a snack bag). but trigger foods should be certain specific foods not entire categories. I am that way with ice cream thus prefer small pints and plan knowing i will eat the whole thing likely. once i start i can't stop. but i eat tons of other desserts daily (I can actually have it in the house awhile until the moment i start eating it).

    eat full fat stuff VS low fat (milk, yogurt, cheese).
    eat more often.
    refer to list of calorie dense foods above. Nuts and PB add up fast and are healthy - especially with only 1500 calories to fill up.
    don't eat everything "lean". get chicken legs/thighs VS breast. Use healthy oils when cooking.

    Use a food scale for all foods. carefully select entries in database as many have errors.