Breakfast meal ideas

What do you make for breakfast and how many calories is it?


  • TavistockToad
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    Protein enriched cereal on work days. Around 350 calories worth.
  • estherdragonbat
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    Fruit (usually grapes, sometimes banana, blueberries, or clementines) topped with Greek yogurt with a granola bar crumbled on top. Usually around 320 calories
  • sardelsa
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    Toast with peanut butter and jam with coffee, around 400 cals
  • tyegarcia
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    2 whole eggs, 2 egg whites, whole wheat toast, and 3oz raw zucchini ~ under 300cals
  • droppingtones
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    Peanut butter honey instant oatmeal with bananas or strawberries. Around 340.
  • rosebarnalice
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    30 g dry savory oatmeal/ hot cereal, reconstituted with veggie broth and 5 g nutritional yeast; then half an onion, about 100 g each of mushrooms and spinach (or kale), and one metric ton of chile or curry seasoning (seriously!)

    about 260 calories, but all the fiber and veg keeps me SO full that I sometimes don't eat lunch until in the afternoon.

    [ps. I sometimes also make this up in big batches and freeze in muffin tins. Microwaves in about 3 minutes on those mornings I don't have time to saute the veggies

  • Nerys52
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    Tea, 1 tsp cane sugar, 2 rye swedish crisp bread, small egg soft boiled, 1/2 cup tomato juice, 1 pat butter cut in half divided over the two crisp bread, 1 thin slice cheese divided into 2 pieces, few slices cucumber on top of these.
    Is 279 calories total.
    ===I do the 1 tsp sugar because when I did no sugar at all I had headache. I get nausea from sweeteners so avoid=
  • MahShield21
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    Milk Tea, 10 almonds, boiled egg or banana, Milk with Horlicks, pnain paratharound 400 calories
  • DadBodClub
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    1 egg
    1/8 cup cheese
    Tablespoon of salsa
    1/4 cup black beans

    Approximately 280-300 kCals
  • brooke_athey
    brooke_athey Posts: 3 Member
    Turkey sausage, banana, oatmeal OR turkey sausage, two eggs, a serving of fruit, and a single piece of whole wheat toast. Around 450-500 cals.
  • Dilvish
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    1 cup of berries, usually fresh and/or organically grown with 3/4 cup plain 2% Greek or SKYR type yogurt. 200 calories... full of protein, vitamins and minerals.

    When berries are unavailable I use 1/3 cup roasted, salted pumpkin seed kernels- 390 calories with the yogurt. Delicious
  • avlucia
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    Overnight oats!
    Oats, cocoa powder, almond milk, protein powder (I use vanilla lean 1), flaxseeds, chia seeds, and some kind of fruit but I add that in the morning. Usually 300-350 calories, can also be made with peanut butter but that jumps the calories up, I've used the PB powder though with great success. Also cinnamon! Did a cinnamon apple mixture that was yum!
  • Jruzer
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    Cliff bar - about 240 kcal
    Greek yogurt - about 150 kcal
  • Cut up some hard boiled eggs, put them on toast with a little hot sauce for flavor.

    1.5 eggs + 2 pieces of toast = 285 calories
  • seltzermint555
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    All right at/near 200 coffee & water to drink

    ~ 1 egg omelet with veggies or bean sprouts, Sriracha drizzled on top
    ~ 1 serving oatmeal with 1 tbsp. peanut butter & a couple tsp. jam
    ~ 1/2 avocado on toast and 3 oz. raspberries or blueberries
    ~ 1/2 English muffin, runny egg & sausage or veggie sausage (1 link)
    ~ egg taco w/ hot sauce and a sprinkling of cheddar
    ~ Greek yogurt, plain, with 2 tbsp. oats, 1/2 tsp. flaxmeal or chia seeds & chopped fruit mixed in
    ~ fried or boiled egg & 1 slice whole wheat toast with butter and/or jam (or a toaster waffle w/ sugar free syrup instead of toast)
  • MahShield21
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    How much calories?
    I think this will go beyond 500 cals...
  • _Cece_x
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    Love all these ideas!! I really struggle with breakfast
  • MarvinsFitLife
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    How about you share what you would like for breakfast and maybe that way people can share healthier versions or substitutes. I sure know the calories we all intake affects us differently @creamcaba
  • creamcaba
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    I am very new to eating something for breakfast. I've always skipped it in the past. That's why I was asking for meal ideas... I'm open to anything and I love reading the different ingredients people incorporate into their meals.