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I know this might be silly but just had a baby 3weeks ago.. does anyone have any suggestions on YouTube workout video I can do for now.. since I haven’t left the house yet..I have a three year old too.. so I’m trying to balance and getting use to having two kids lol but also need to keep my self Physically and mentally healthy


  • Maxematics
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    It depends on what type of workout you're looking for.

    For cardio, resistance training, pilates, yoga, kickboxing, etc. many people love using FitnessBlender. The website is free and all their videos are on YouTube.

    If you're more into dancing, I'm a big fan of Michelle Vo Fitness. I know she also has other cardio workouts, but I really like her Zumba videos.

    I've seen other people here mention HasFit, Jessica Smith, Leslie Sansone, and POPSUGAR Fitness.
  • 2essie
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    Fitness Blnder is good and so is hasfit which is also free. Hey do every kind of exercise you could wish for. Strength, pilates, yoga, aerobics, kettlebell, HIIT. The list goes on. If you want walking vieos Leslie Sansone is very good. She does walking at home videos. Lots of others too. Hope you find something that fits
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    Not sure if you do yoga but youtube has a lot of that or try apps. There are some for like 7 or 10 min etc. That way you could get some workouts in during the day.
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    I would check with your doctor and be cleared before doing any exercise so close after giving birth. You can do some damage if you are not careful.
  • sarabushby
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    Yoga with Adrienne, Blogilates, Fitness Blender... there are soooo many you can try if only there was time for them all 😊
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    Congratulations. A long, happy and healthy life to your children.
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    Check with MD first.
  • Mcat34
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    Congrats on the new baby! Since you just had a baby 3 weeks ago you want to take it easy since you are still healing. Maybe some light walking or easy yoga. I wouldn't do much more than that until you get the ok from your doctor. Feel free to add me as a friend!
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    I believe you are supposed to wait 6 weeks postpartum to heal, check with your doctor. But I like Jillian Michael's Hot Body Healthy Mommy video. Its not on youtube, but was simple and careful of any potential diastis recti and safe positions for postpartum. Denise Austin has a bunch on youtube, some are short and more stretching that might be a good start too.
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    I don't have any suggestions for you, as I'm much older than you, but just wanted to say congratulations about the new baby! Take care of yourself and don't overdo it. I remember I was determined to keep fit when my second child was born. I started within days of giving birth and overdid it, and could literally barely get out of bed the next day! Your muscles have been through a lot, so make sure you rest them a little before exercising them.

    When I say I'm older than you, I used to keep fit with Jane Fonda videos, this was in the 1980s. I just got back into exercising with Youtube videos and who did I find? She's still at it there - in her 80s! Go Jane! I hope I'm as fit as her when I get to her age. :-)
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    Also look for ExerciseTV, beFit channel, and
  • socal_danny619
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    HASfit has a great amount of variety of exercise videos. Worth checking them out.