Meatless May

Meatless May!!! Anyone want to do it with me? No meats for the entire month of May! Any vegans that can help us out with recipes, please hit me up.


  • craziirabbit
    craziirabbit Posts: 103 Member
    Sorry, can't do it. I'm on an 80% meat diet. Good luck!
  • pierinifitness
    pierinifitness Posts: 2,231 Member
    I abstained from meat for 45 days s recently and was surprised that it wasn’t as difficult as I anticipated. I’m eating meat now but learned something from my experiment. Wishing you the best with your experiment.
  • nevergiveup812mfp
    nevergiveup812mfp Posts: 12 Member
    Check out Running on Real Food blog/website there are great recipes my opinion
  • Sanriohippie
    Sanriohippie Posts: 76 Member
    Trader Joes has plenty of plant based foods❣️I am a newbie vegetarian as of January and can physically see the health changes for the better.
  • msveethecreator
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    I’m willing to try. Not sure if I can.... but I’ll give it a try....
  • pierinifitness
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    Speaking of Trader Joe’s, I’ve discovered their Chipotle vegetable quesadilla. Comes two to a package in the frozen section. Very flavorful to me.
  • mstaylor2019
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