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    Has anyone gotten brave enough to try these healthy meats?

    Any particular reason you believe these are healthier than other meats?

    Low fat and high protein.

    Wouldn’t that be true of a lean cut of any meat?

    Game meats such as venison and elk are much much lower in fat then even the leanest beef , pork and chicken cuts you can buy at the grocery store.

    I eat wild game all the time. It's our primary source of red meat. With ground beef at 2.99/lb at the cheapest, and 4-7/lb on average depending on the cut of meat, it is way cheaper to buy tags, and hunt and process a game animal ourselves.
    Deer and antelope are the most common ones we can get. Elk is harder to come by. I also enjoy moose, but we've never been able to get one ourselves. My state tends to give tags to out of state hunters before they give them to the residents. :confused: We also occaisionally eat rabbit, chucker, pheasant, & wild turkey. Oh and bear is really good too.

    Gave you a Like for this, very nice.

    I had bison steaks at a top tier restaurant and they were incredible. I’ve also had venison meatballs prepared by a co worker who hunted and dressed the deer by himself. Great stuff.
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    My family hunts and we were pretty poor when I was growing up, so wild game was eaten almost daily. We mainly ate white tail deer. We also ate rabbits, turkey, trout and squirrel occasionally.

    Most venison that you buy in stores (if you can in your state) will not have much of a gamey taste because the deer/elk/etc. are farm raised. Wild animals do taste much different and I would suggest eating young females for best flavor. Old bucks tend to be gamey and honestly taste best when ground into sausage and seasoned well.

    Bison just tastes like lean grass-fed beef to me. I honestly don't think its worth the extra cost.
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    Venison and elk often. Just started having chukar quails. We also love bear. We have only had moose a couple of times. Wild turkey during spring gobbler season.
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    It's not really a hunted meat, but Goat beats the pants off of any other red meat's nutrition facts.
    100g is 143cal, 27g protein, 3g fat (only 0.9g Sat Fat)
    Make it in Indian stews, or New Mexican "Carne Adovada" for tacos.

    Some people dont like the taste, but it tastes similar to lamb. You lamb lovers should definitely try it.
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    Trying these really doesn't require bravery. We have local restaurants that serve elk and bison. I'm a picky eater, and I've tried both. I prefer either to beef, but like elk best. You just have to make sure to request it medium (it'll be dry if it's cooked more well done).
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    We hunt deer, so Venison has been a staple in our house for over 8 years now. Only buy beef for steaks, rarely ever purchase ground beef. We use ground venison in place of all ground beef. We have antelope and wild hog, both are good. Have had Bison on occasion. Could not tell difference with beef. Never tried Moose or Elk. Tried Kangaroo a few times, and that was good.
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    All of the above. I always eat what I hunt, but I really do like it all. My favorite is bison and elk. SO good
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    Going to order bison, elk and venison Friday. My husband is excited about all this except for the fact the meat will lack the gamey taste. Sprouts is the store that carries it.
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    Going to order bison, elk and venison Friday. My husband is excited about all this except for the fact the meat will lack the gamey taste. Sprouts is the store that carries it.

    Wild game shouldn't taste gamey. Bucks in rut, old animals, or stressed animals all cause that strong, somewhat off flavor that puts a lot of people off of deer, elk, etc. Also, a lot of times people describe a game meat as gamey when it really just tastes different then beef. At one point I ate game so frequently, that when I ate ground beef, the beef tasted "gamey" to me! It was a distictly different flavor that I had never noticed before. I would be willing to bet your husband will be pleasantly suprised. Since it is likely these are farm raised animals, the meat flavor should be a higher quality.

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    Here I have had bison and venison but is only sold for holiday season. Pheasant also which is quite nice.
    DD and S/O like game a lot, I eat just small piece. Lost my taste for meats with pre-menopause and menopause.
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    I bet you burn a lot of calories trying to get the meat off a squirrel. My friends would hunt deer when I was young. I only hunted fish.