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Best substitute for sweets 🍫 (chocolate)



  • New_me_19
    New_me_19 Posts: 40 Member
    i have a piece chocolate almost every day belongs it fits into my calories.
  • snowflake954
    snowflake954 Posts: 8,399 Member
    Just a thought OP. After 6 years here I've found that eating only a piece or two a day enhances the flavor. I like 72% dark chocolate now, and when I eat it it's ambrosia. Before I could eat a whole bar and it never tasted like this.
  • ErinWard1986
    ErinWard1986 Posts: 46 Member
    I’ve been allowing myself a 100 calorie chocolate each day. The dove 100 calorie bars are good...the also have 100 cal m&ms and milky ways...if I cut out everything that I like, I’ll never stick to things.
  • GxbbyLatina
    GxbbyLatina Posts: 12 Member
    @ErinWard1986 I love the Dove chocolate it is my complete weakness :#